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All Variants to play Free Video Poker by WorldCasinoYellowPages

Free Video Poker

WorldCasinoYellowPages a rich source of online casinos offers the players with free video poker games that they can play without meeting any kind of wagering requirements.

Video Poker has become one of the important aspects of almost all the casinos across the world. The game started getting popularity in mid 70s when the development in technology made it financially viable to manufacture a computer like machine to play video poker. The research and development in the computer manufacturing industry also saw rise of various other utilities which eventually gave birth to video poker. From being in Stone Age kind in the initial days, video poker has come a long way over last three-and-half decades with the advancement in technology.Read More....

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Once it starts, the player wagers with one or more credits and clicks the deal button. Once the game of video poker starts, the player gets the cards. One has an option to get the cards with those from the virtual deck of video poker. With the moments of time, you are paid if the hands played are similar as per the winning combinations mentioned in the play table of video poker.

A video poker pay table begins with a hand of a pair of jacks with even payouts. Rest combinations are exactly as table poker including the two pair, flush, three of a kind, straight, full house, four of a kind, and royal flush with a ten, a jack, a queen, a king, straight flush and an ace of the same suit.

These games are known as video lottery terminals. The results in these machines are predetermined and completely controlled automatically. Even if the player intentionally throws away a winning hand, the loosing hand is replaced automatically with a combination that pays the predetermined amount. Playing these video poker games is just like playing slot machines as one cannot determine the payout.

There are several variants of video poker such as Deuces Wild, where two serves as a wild card, payout modifications in which aces with 5 or lower kicker offers increased amount - these games with an attractive terms like bonus, double or triple in the name, multi-play poker where the player draws first hand from a particular set of cards and ever next hand is draws from a different set of cards than the first one.

These video poker games are available in triple play, five play, ten play, fifty play and one hundred play versions. The video poker games which do not have wild cards, the player gets the rare four of a kind hand on an average once every 500 hands. No matter the player play thousands of hands before a rarest of rare royal flush which has highest payout in video poker games.

In the initial days when modern video poker games came in the market, the Full-Pay game was the most commonly plaid version of the poker. The versions of video poker wherein the player got less payouts were referred as short pay. Today there are many versions of the video poker game apart from Full Pay versions that provide more payouts to players.

One can ensure long term expected value of wagers with paybacks percentage by playing video poker perfectly. But to ensure the skilled performance you must have enough experience and for this WorldCasinoYellowpages has brought for you series of free online casinos where you are offered with free video poker games.

WorldCasinoYellowPages understands the value of gambling for players therefore to make them efficient in online casinos we are providing free online video poker games to get the benefits of gambling free of cost to hone your skills.