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WorldCasinoYellowpages, the finest source of most popular casinos offering the players with free roulette games. You can choose among of various roulette variants to enjoy this immaculate gambling diversion at our top listed online casinos mentioned above.

Just like most casino games, roulette is not just roulette. It comes with its variants. One might feel how any variations can be brought to roulette. You just place your bets on the table, spin the wheel and hope that you get lucky.

The variants in roulette are not variants in the game itself but in the kind of tables one uses. It is an interesting fact that the difference in roulette tables is the basis of variants in roulette.

Roulette has different rules in different parts of the world. Most online casinos offer at least a couple of versions. So no matter where are you located geographically, you can choose any version to play. Based on cultural, location and ethnic variations there are five broad categories. Read More....

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European Roulette – It is easily distinguished by its single green ‘0’ at the top of the table. European roulette tables are easy to use and the betting grid is fairly self-explanatory through its simple layout. The presence of the ‘0’ number means that European roulettes offer some of the best odds to the players out of all roulette variants.

American roulette- It is almost exactly the same as the European version, except that it has an extra ‘00’ number at the top in addition to the ‘0’. Despite of this, the layout of the table is generally the same with an extra number thrown in at the top for the American game. But beware! The overall odds are not as favorable on the American one.

French roulette- It is essentially a redesign of European roulette table. All of the same betting options are available with the same odds, but the appearance of the table has been changed for this particular reason. The numbers in this game go straight through the centre of the betting grid with the red, black, even odd bets and so on straddled on either side. This game is primarily available for those who prefer this layout to the European one.

Racetrack roulette- This is also known as ‘Roulette pro’ or ‘roulette gold’. Basically racetrack roulette has an extra betting area above the main grid that allows you to bet on popular combinations of numbers. The racetrack area is available on both the French and European table layouts depending on which casino you are playing at.

Mini roulette –This is not very common and is more of a novelty than anything else. But nonetheless, some online casinos that offer a scaled down version of roulette as an added bonus. There are less numbers to choose from with fewer options.

Whatever the kind, roulette is roulette. The excitement of the spinning wheel and the winning combinations gets the adrenaline going, satisfying man’s basic instincts to gamble. The roulette reminds you of the early man’s basic gambling wheel, which over the years have taken on complicated forms.

As the Roulette is more enjoyable because it does not entail complicated calculations therefore it is the wider source of entertainment in the online casinos and your fun will increase more when you’ll find this game free to play at our spotless casinos. We offer a pure form of gambling free of cost to the players looking for playing roulette without making any deposits. Kudos to the world of gambling!