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Ready to play parlour games but looking for playing it for free, WorldCasinoYellowPages offers wide opportunities for the players to enjoy the parlour games for free. We are comprised with extensive source of popular online casinos that allow the players to play the games for free. First let’s have a brief look upon the history of these games and the varieties of parlour games:

Popular right from the Victorian age, the people of England involved in a variety of parlour games. The people of the upper and middle class engaged their time in lots of parlour games. Basically, the parlour games were meant to be the games that were played indoors. Thus the name of the games had been derived from which they were originated. The 19th century provided leisure time for both men and women of the higher class.. Read More....

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They invented and created many creative games to be played during their leisure hours. These games were mainly played in small parties or tea-parties helping the wealthy men and women engage themselves and their time in some creative games. However the beginning of the 20th century marked the advent of television, radio and press, declining peoples’ interest in parlour games. Though the popularity of these parlour games has declined, parlour games still are played whenever a party is hosted.

The parlour games usually were games that involved logic or fun with words. Some games involved the use of little physical movement but to a limited extent. Various diversions for example charade needed acting skills. Parlour games were meant to be competitive in spirit and won the admiration of the peers. The parlour games could go on and on as the time limit was not set, it could continue till both the players wished to.

A number of parlour games were widely played were: Are you there Moriarty?, wedding salon, ,squeak piggy squeak, carnelli, charades, consequences, fictionary, snap-dragon, twenty questions, mafia, Tutti Cuti ice cream parlour, tiddlywinks, the minister’s cat, etc.

Parlour games were and are central to all types of parties. Every person of all ages, right from babies to granny, love to play games. There are so many types of games that it becomes difficult to choose which one to play.

The best way to plan for parlour games is to first decide what type of party you would like to throw. Secondly the venue of the party and thirdly the types of guest you wish to invite. You cannot pick games that require a little movement in a small room; neither can you play kiddie games with adults. Hence it is of prime importance that you keep in mind all these factors while choosing the game.

For out-door parties, include games that will have movements and little running here and there, as space will not be a constraint. Treasure-hunt can be a wise option of parlour game, as people always enjoy playing the game. Trying making a map, cryptic codes little obstacles, bonuses and some cheats for the game.

For kiddies, a water pool with plastic balls can do wonder. Kids can be entertained if they are given the correct toys and the space. Kids specially love water and getting wet and messy. Adult supervision is advisable in such a condition. Prepare a sandpit. Bury colorfully wrapped chocolates. Let the children discover it for themselves.

The ball of wool is a popular classic parlour game. The members are seated around the table. A wool ball is placed in the center of the table and everybody has to blow it off away from their direction. The person on whose side the wool ball falls will pay a forfeit. The longer the ball stays the more amusing the game becomes. Blowing the feather is a game in the similar line.

We are sure after reading about the lots of fun offered by the parlour games; you will be excited for playing these games. Thus we came here bringing with online casinos that offer various parlour games for free such that you can enjoy these games free of cost at your home. You don’t require attending the party to play these games but enjoy in your home. So get the benefits of playing on the parlour games at our recommended online casinos without spending money but earning lots of fun.