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Free Keno

Among all casino games, Keno is a popular one among gamblers in onlinecasinos around the world therefore worlcasinoyellowpages has decided to offer the players with free online keno games that they can enjoy without investing money.

Keno is very much like a lottery with much simpler rules compared to craps games. In this game, players need to guess which number might be drawn at random, and they get paid basing on the numbers guessed and numbers drawn. Read More....

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The object of playing free online keno is to match the numbers that you have selected with the randomly drawn numbers.  The numbers range from 1 to 80. Your prize will be based on the number of balls whose numbers have matched your selection.

Why play free online keno

The world of casino games, though exciting and entertaining as also rewarding, is not for the novice.  If you set on to gamble in the real world with real money without really having much practice you are likely to end a pauper. 

So practice the game in the safe world of free online casinos that WorldCasinoYellowPages can choose for you and be aware of every single piece of rule and strategy.  This will help you gain confidence so that you can later embark on the real world of keno games in real casinos with real bets and real money prize.

WorldCasinoYellowPages has a listing of online casinos that are best in the trade.  They will let you play for free without the need for registration or depositing any cash.  If this does not excite you, you should know that there are not a lot of such casinos who are offering the real environment and real excitement completely free and without the risk of losing real money bets.

Such casinos are rare in the online world.  Most of the so called free online casinos will redirect you to a page where you have to register and pay deposits. 

You should visit WorldCasinoYellowPages to select from the list of top online casinos offering such silent services.  Despite being free they will offer you the thrill of a live casino played live minus the fear of losing your bets.  Does it sound good!

There are no limitations on the number of times you play the games. You can have unlimited attempts. This will let you hone your acumen in selecting and matching the maximum number of balls.

Strategy of playing online keno

In lottery games there has never been any strategy.  Some prefer to play the hot numbers, i.e the numbers that had come up a lot in recent times.  Some others select from the other than hot number balls or the numbers that have come up the least.  So go by your instinct, but lucky numbers like month, date, age may help.

Expected payouts

Why settle for less. Come to WorldCasinoYellowPages, and we will let you choose free online casinos that offer the good payouts.  It goes without saying that online casinos pay more than the real ones.  This means that the money that you are investing in online keno is sure to last longer than it would have in a real casino. 

How to play free online keno

Keno is played with the help of keno card which are numbered from 1 to 80 and arranged in stacks of 10 in 8 rows.  You have to mark off any number between 1 and 20 on your keno card, though some casinos do put a limit on the numbers that can be selected like 1 to 10, 15 etc.  The number you choose is your bet and you will be paid if this number is drawn.  After the card is marked off, you have to submit it before drawing of the numbers. 

After all the players mark off their respective cards, the draw is done.  In most of the online casinos the numbers are found to be listed on balls that are much like the ping pong balls and are placed in the “bubble.”

The random number generator chooses the numbers from the Keno card randomly.  20 numbers between 1 and 80 are drawn randomly in each draw.  After all the balls are drawn, the individual keno cards are checked to see whose selection has matched the drawn numbers, and winners are announced on the basis of that.

If you are going to play free online keno, what you have to do is visit WorldCasinoYellowPages to search for the best casinos that offer free keno games with ensured recreation. All you have to choose these wonderful casinos recommended in our comprehensive prospect provided above and start enjoying the world class keno games for free.