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Best Free Bingo Games for Casino Players by WorldCasinoYellowPages

Free Bingo games

Online Bingo is the most common game among the players as the game is full of fun and excitement. Since in most online casinos you are offered with paid games such that you are required to make deposit to play the game, at WorldCasinoYellowPages we are offering you with the free bingo. We have scrutinized a list of significant online casinos where playing bingo games is absolutely free. Now let’s have a detailed look on Bingo and its various versions. According to surveys, the global gross income from this game, excluding USA was $500 million in the year 2006. Bingo is one of the most popular leisure activities in the United Kingdom, as more than three million people now play online bingo in the UK. Read More....

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Free Games to Enjoy Casino Playing

The regular bingo balls used in conventional bingo halls are replaced by a random number generator. Many bingo halls offer connections to the online poker and casino to target more and more players in the market. One of the most popular features of online bingo is the chat option which enables players to interact with other players at different places. Bingo sites are always on forefront to strengthen the sense of community and interaction between players as this helps in customer retention.

There are four major versions of bingo played across the globe.

 In live North American bingo halls, the 75-ball version of bingo on a 5x5 card comprised with the central square called free is among the popular one. The letters B-I-N-G-O are written on top of the card and they are related to all of the five lines on the card. The most sought after pattern by the players in 75 ball version of bingo can have drastic variations.

In the United Kingdom and some parts of Europe, Australia and South America a 90-ball game, played on 9x3 cards is also popular. There are three lines in the x- axis and 9 lines in y-axis in this version. In every line there are 5 digits, and each card has fifteen numbers.

 First line is marked with one to nine figures, second with ten to nineteen and third with twenty to twenty to twenty nine. Using this format, further columns are labelled and the last column has eighty to ninety. This version is played in three different forms: single column, double column and the whole house. The players tick out the whole line in the x axis in the single line rule and two lines in the x axis in the two lines rule and in the whole house rule the players have to tick out the complete bingo card.

The third version is comparatively faster that the first two versions of bingo. This is enjoyed using 30 balls having numbers one to thirty and known as 30 ball bingo or speed bingo. This bingo game has a 3x3 card and the aim of this version of bingo game is to be the first bingo player to mark up the entire card.

The fourth main version is 80 balls bingo. The rules for this version are a combination of rules for 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo. In this version, the size of the bingo card is 4x4 with sixteen figures. The payouts in 80 ball bingo change depending as per the game chosen to play. The player who completes the whole line on the bingo card before rest of the players is declared winner. The line can be in x axis, diagonal and in y axis. The player who achieves four corners can also win the game of bingo. The other versions of bingo require combination of multiple lines and mark the whole house to win the game.

While playing online bingo, players can use optional features such as auto daub to make the game easy. Auto daub automatically marks off the number on card as they are called out, reducing the efforts of online bingo player to do it.

So now to enjoy gaming on all of the above mentioned versions of Bingo, visit WorldCasinoYelloPages  for free. You are offered with immaculate online casinos that offer free platforms to play bingo without any cost. Join us day and start playing on these enchanting casinos right now.