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Zynga closes few games and retires many workers to improve its fiscal position | 4 January 2013 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Zynga closes few games and retires many workers to improve its fiscal position

... 04 January 2013

Zynga closes few games and retires many workers to improve its fiscal position

The adverse circumstances and tough state of affairs call for strong decisions to be taken by any concern to get up once again from its dying situations. The same has been decided by the plagued Zynga that has preferred to go ahead with its cost-cutting plans by way of throwing certain games out of its big assortment of gaming products. With a view to soothe their loyal players, Zynga has chalked out plans to facilitate free bonuses of implicit goods through any of its flagships that would serve as consolation prizes on the games that are on the verge of closure. Before anything worse could happen with this erstwhile first rate gambling operator, Zynga, with its earnest desire to come out of the deep well has moved ahead with shutting down few of its irrelevant games.

The prominent societal gaming producer Zynga has been clear to say good bye to certain games that could prove a great burden for the property. It has also made a good move by withdrawing few games from the app stores and not registering the fresh guys on certain gaming products. The sensible move has been made to focus its attention on the successful gaming products that may prove fruitful rather than the ones that put unnecessary burden in terms of financial and other related issues.

Out of the total of eleven games selected for closure by Zynga, fifth of the last month saw an end of three games, i.e. TreasureIsle, Vampire Wars and FishVille. Then it was the turn of Montopia that ceased to exist after 21st Dec, 2012, the day of its death. Zynga closed two more games on thirtieth day of Dec, 2012; i.e. Mafia Wars 2 and PetVille. Three games by the names, Mojitomo, ForestVille and Mafia Wars Shakedown have since been called back by Zynga from the app stores. The operator has put a ban on the entry of new players for the game, Indiana Jones Adventure World that will not be available for the existing players too after 14th of this month, when it too gets closed.

This trend of closing the games may not be a matter of any surprise for anybody as Zynga is all set to rebuild itself after facing a turbulent fiscal year that has broken it to great extent. The market value of Zynga’s share has come down to almost one third of its IPO value just within one year of being publicized. The closure of few games can be seen as a cost-cutting method for Zynga that considers it a wise move on their part. Not only that, the operator has also gone to the extent of retiring a large number of its workers and may also go down closing its operations in major countries. In fact, Zynga intends to lay more attention to real-money betting activities & ensure that their new union with proves successful by all means

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