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Unlawful downloading of files by the lawful agencies and US film studios | 1st January 2013 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Unlawful downloading of files by the lawful agencies and US film studios

... 01 January 2013

Unlawful downloading of files by the lawful agencies and US film studios

Though Antigua had successfully made its way more than half a decade ago to get the sanctions imposed upon the United States for harming their online gambling industry, yet it is still burning with fire in its belly as USTR, the US Trade Representative has not given their nod to hold any dialogue with them. As such, Antigua is left with disappointment because of the indifferent attitude of the USTR that does not seem to go ahead with abiding the global trade policy. USTR seems to be pre-occupied with its biased favoritism towards American monopoly over the US horse racing enterprises. They intend to keep a hold over the same and put Antigua at a distance that had been looking towards the World Trade Organization which is to give its approval in January, 2013 for the sanctions worth millions of dollars upon the US as requested by Barbuda and Antigua whose internet gaming industry is being affected adversely through the former’s mischievous activities.

While nothing is clear about the particular strategy that would be adopted by Antigua to recover the damage by the US, the former may strive vigorously for attaining the rational assets privileges of software, music, TV events and films of the US. Possibly, the near future may see some sort of brawls between Antigua and the US as the former would like to attain its rights while the latter won’t like to lose its monopoly over the copyrights.

The privileges possessors have been on the winning edge with outbreak of certain bills since floated in their favor enabling them to ask for the convulsion of web realm in the absence of inconvenience of any proof of accomplishment of any real offense. Richard O’Dwyer of TV Shack and Kim Dotcom of MegaUpload have been exiled by the lawmakers of the US on account of pirating the copyrights in the context of such endeavors that have also succeeded in seizing more than 1,600 networks.    

A leading member of the House Judiciary Committee, Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) is busy with making out a bill to encourage legal omission of potential take-over of network, say the lawyers at Ifrah Law, the group at Washington. The unexpected adverse suggestion by the US elected member saying that US might have crossed its limits through its permission for the copyright owners to give directions for enactment and implementation of the laws is quite surprising for all. Though nothing has been revealed as far as the much talked about bill by Lofgren is concerned, yet any addition of viable suggestion for the same is solicited. Undoubtedly, a large number of such possessors of privileges reside in the territory that is the home-place of Lofgren. So rumors about the same are not unexpected.

The BitTorrent file-sharing crowd came across information through on the Christmas Day that the authorities had detained certain workers of 20th Century Fox, Sony, Disney, Warner Bros. and Paramount for unauthorized downloading of the music, TV events and films of the US, having the exclusive copyrights. Downton Abbey, the TV event and prominent motion picture, i.e. The Expendables had since been unlawfully downloaded because of the IP-addresses available at these studios that led to such illegal activities; suggests the data from Scaneye – the watchdog of BitTorrent. Prominent companies like Warner, Sony and Universal have also found to be involved in such unauthorized tactics.

Everybody would be taken aback with the revelation that even the Department of Homeland Security and the US Department of Justice have also come under the scanner as unlawful downloading activities have taken place at the two agencies too. Then, there is the renowned HBO’s Game of Thrones that has found its way into the US House of Representatives that has taken all concerned to great blow. While the proposed bill of Lofgren may not be as fruitful as required but after all it is a good suggestion on his part that must not be ignored in its true sense. The studios may be engaged in their cross war for getting the networks of their rivals seized for one reason or the other. It is hoped that some Kraftwerk concerns or any outside possessors of privileges could come up with their appeals for abduction of the networks of the US authorities making them dependent upon hauler pigeons for publishing their two-faced communication.

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