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United Coin optimistic about its new system and games | 08th Sept 2012 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

United Coin optimistic about its new system and games

... 08 September 2012

LAS VEGAS - A downward trend in the slot industry has existed during the past due to the slump and ban on smoking in the whole state, both leading to closure of the old trade concerns and delayed opening of new properties. Century Gaming, the company from Montana under the leadership of Steve Arntzen took over United Coin in the year 2004. Approx 4,500 slot machines across 450 its points are being run by United Coin that boasts to meet the requirements of Nevada in terms of gaming activities. It does not operate its own pubs and also does not deal in any grocery items, said Arntzen, its President. He added that they do not own any c-stores or bars. A considerable period of approx 1 ½ years has been spent by the qualified engineers of United Coin Machine Co. for improvements in the administrative techniques and development of fresh slot devices for its valued clients.

United Coin invited its old as well as the prospective clients to a small Global Gaming Expo, organized by it at its rented out place in The Orleans, wherein it displayed its fresh five products. The cheerful president emphasized the need for something different to explore long term business potential for which they intend to present the whole range of products in one single go, instead of making them available gradually.

Steve Arntzen, the worthy president of United Coin apprised that nearly thirty thousand members of the players club avail of the Gamblers Bonus through the maiden cardless slot club framework of the route industry via the products, introduced by the company in 1990. He added that it was on their priority and they could not just avoid it.  
Varieties of video keno & video bingo through the bar-top & stand-up multi-denomination / multi-game slot devices have been included by PowerVision; since developed by United Coin. A franchisee of Las Vegas based 7-Eleven stores; Barry Yost was pleased with the new titles that would retain his valued clients for times to come. He added that the new games would prove their worth in terms of fun, excitement and healthy environment for all and it would be easy for his employees to satisfy the customers.

Moreover, the company’s products, manufactured by it in Billings, Mont and Las Vegas offer different bonuses & incentives; apart from the high-end graphics. Steve Arntzen apprised that the structure is suitable for all the locations and they have taken every care for its different type of customers. They are given the opportunities to bag spinning wheel & tournament prizes, including bonus jackpots like the pig races etc through animation. Big terminals at the flat-screens are used for publicizing the massive jackpots at big locations like pubs etc. Vide poker incentives are provided for the keno & slot machine players through this new structure. The president said that the locals now prefer video keno than the video poker.  

The gamblers can sign up for the Gamblers Bonus through the Management products with the use of their driver’s license of Nevada. The pub operators can harmonize their players & games in a better way with the improved structure that enables even the bartenders to facilitate drinks, meals & customer comps for extended rounds. Revenues & winning accounts are easily settled through the convenient cash management system and the operators don’t have to ask any assistance from United Coin’s officials for making cash payments.

Magoo Gaming’s proprietor, Nick Hubber appreciated the improved structure that fulfilled their requirements and added that the bonus system is just lovable. Hubber was excited to say that United Coin has taken an edge over others. A regular customer of the company since many years, Magoo operates thirteen pubs through its Chicago Brewing Co, prominent among them being Golden West and Loose Caboose in Mesquite & Las Vegas. The President, Steve Arntzen is excited & optimistic about the fresh games and the structure. He hopes to present the same during this fall despite consent that is still awaited by the company from the regulatory testing labs of Nevada.

Golden Gaming, the largest group with over forty restaurants in Reno & Las Vegas, many pubs and chain of grocery stores has emerged by acquiring great part of slot route business of Affinity Gaming in February. Equipped with 8,500 slot devices at its 650 centers, Golden Gaming has become Nevada’s top route operator of slot machines and has penetrated into United Coin’s business.

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