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Tourists cheated at Las Vegas Strip | 18th Sept 2012 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Tourists cheated at Las Vegas Strip

... 18 September 2012

If you are a visitor at Las Vegas Strip and going to spend a weekend gambling here, then you are definitely going to lose your money. It has become an element of the region to deceive the visitors while for some it’s just like an adventure. There are a number of ways in addition to slots and table games where visitors may get cheated.

The cunning immoral people have developed an infinite list of modes to cheat tourists of their well-deserved money for so many years. The list contains most ancient traps to some of the leading plots, swindles and methods of deceiving on the Strip.

As an example, the case of Three Card Monte game can be taken. Recognized as a defense game, it seems to be a remnant of old Vegas; however it is still active and played on the unguarded overpasses and footpaths of the Strip. In this game, the players are asked by the dealers to lay wages on a card that will be mixed up with additional two cards on a table. Your money is doubled in case you select the right card. It looks quite simple and easy. However, by using trick of hands the dealer swaps the card selected by you, thereby ruling out your winning chances completely.

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