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Total ban on gambling in Kazakhstan not feasible, Russians beat their Chinese rivals | 1st January 2012 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Total ban on gambling in Kazakhstan not feasible, Russians beat their Chinese rivals

... 01 January 2013

Total ban on gambling in Kazakhstan not feasible, Russians beat their Chinese rivals

Alam Gapura Group Sdn Bdh of Malaysia is all set to invest more than $6b towards tourism, road & rail network development in the territory of Kapchagai where the KazVegas plan would take shape through the Altai, Kazakhstan authorities that intend to put up two gambling districts. Kapchagai, the biggest town of the state is expected to be linked with Almaty through air route as well as 104km long road for which the Malaysian giant is planning vigorously, say the officials of the Ministry of Transport and Communications. Hope they would ensure electricity supply for the same.

Roza Otunbayeva, the Kyrgyzstan president advised the Kyrgyz lawmakers that it may not be possible to put total ban on gambling in the state. While the parliament was busy in clearing the bill to put total interdiction on betting, he said that it would lead to secret gambling establishments as gamblers are always adamant to quench their betting thirst. Yuruslan Toichubekov, worthy chief of the State Finance Department has put the number of underground casinos to fifty at present whereas at the time of clearance of the proposed bill for ban upon the properties it was just twenty one in the whole state. The result of complete ban on gambling can be imagined well, say the experts and the chairman.

While electricity and gas connections are still awaited to be established in the region of Altai as per Mikhail Shchetinin, its qualified Deputy Governor; the state is expected to come up with Siberian Coin casino property but without any development for the same since July, say the sources. The pessimists in Russia were of the view that long back their local leaders possessed strong hidden desires for the outsiders to invest for the requisite infrastructure and other amenities for the casinos that had since disappeared to few faraway big areas including Primorsky-not developed so far.  

Russia’s much sought after plans for putting up gambling hub consisting of approx seventeen casino properties on the Pacific coast near Vladivostok is not taking real shape as per RIR, i.e. Russia & India Report. The scheme has met great discouragement because there are only five concerns that have come up with keen interest to go ahead with the establishments in Primorsky Integrated Entertainment Zone. However, being optimistic, RIR attributes the downward trend to the beginning stage that is always slow in progress. Now, the Russians focus more on extracting funds from the building plans and beating out their Chinese rivals in Macau by teaching them a lesson to overcome drug addiction activities, prostitution, unlawful loan management, money laundering and other such unauthorized activities.

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