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The ISPís of Russia may require revival of licenses for accessing gambling websites | 30th November 2012 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

The ISPís of Russia may require revival of licenses for accessing gambling websites

... 30 November 2012

The ISPís of Russia may require revival of licenses for accessing gambling websites

It is apparent that Russia is enthusiastic about encouraging developers of resort-casino who are concerned about setting up of a casino by the distant east port of Vladivostok. However, gambling exterior to this region or in the three remote and mostly unreachable gambling authorized regions comes rigorously under the group of Soviet Nyet Nyet.

As stated by RIA Novosti, a secretive casino in downtown Moscow was closed by the officials the past week. They took poker tables, 34 gaming equipments and four roulette wheels in their possession. Apparently, the managers of the gaming zone have not been arrested so far. It is unknown if they have been chased in Poland or not. More than 4000 unlawful casinos and around 25,000 gambling parlors have been closed in Russia right from 2009 when modifications were made in rules.

The online gambling is obviously reachable just on anyone’s computer / mobile gadget. However, it may also turn out to be quite far away for the customers in Russia. Lately, a decision of the lower court was reversed by Supreme Court in the country which freed the internet service providers from the obligation in case they are unsuccessful in obstructing the entrance to online gambling websites.

The original hearing of the case took place in Pskov City by the boundary with Estonia. The officials had terrorized to drive away the operators of ISP Rostelecom to the political labor camps such as gulag, in case they are unable to obstruct the gambling websites. However, it was stated by the Pskov court that although online gambling was banned, but there is no such thing in the rules which makes facility of just entrance to the online gambling websites unlawful. However, it was affirmed by the Supreme Court on 9th Oct. that it could be necessary for ISP licensing to confirm with the ascribed limitations.

The ISP’s had earlier waited in anticipation of a criminal website which was formally placed on a Justice Ministry blacklist. It is noteworthy that at present this list has around 1,534 websites which have supposed to break the extremism law of the country. Anton Maltsev, the lawyer of Baker & McKenzie informed that the decision of Supreme Court may require the ISP’s to get their licenses revived in case they are unsuccessful to be practical by obstructing the websites which they expectantly recognize to be condemned by the officials.

To make the matters worse, the indecent list has been extended by the Supreme Court to contain the distribution of details associated with the accomplishment of gambling activities. It requires cutting off the websites which just include the details about gambling gateways.

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