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Ten leaders of iGaming Tech of the past year | 3 January 2013 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Ten leaders of iGaming Tech of the past year

... 03 January 2013

Ten leaders of iGaming Tech of the past year

The online gambling industry owes much to the advancement of know-how that moves upwards with a great speed. The operators in the field of internet betting have to keep themselves updated as per the latest developments that take place in mobile and other related aspects. Hereunder are ten most renowned features of the technology that have come around the past year.

Improved Veracity

The month of September in 2012 saw Paddy Power introducing a second screen way out in the betting enterprises. The phone is pointed towards the monitor with the players enjoying the game that is their first choice. They can observe the status of the game before them and also avail the much liked money back specials offered by Paddy Power that has shaken hands with Blippar during the beginning of 2012 leading to interaction with the use of a comparable expertise through juxtaposition with a ten pound currency.

Other enterprises like retailers have also been benefited through such a good technology. Betfair came out with their schemes through the national press as regards use of the same and whispering went around throughout the betting concerns; the GPS data being linked with a camera of the mobile phone & picture identification skill. Simply speaking, the users would be facilitated to have the image on their TV monitors along with the requisite information.

UK gets 4G
uk gets 4G
4G technology came to the surface in the month of October with EE, i.e. Everything Everywhere – the system officially available for its services in the territory of the UK. With the expansion of this particular skill, the speed of the relevant games may increase by approx eighty percent. The GDP, i.e. the gross domestic product could get a boost of £7.5billion through the 4G technology as per the reports encouraging the gaming operators to pay more attention to the mobile trade.

It may not be an over statement if mobile is considered as one of the top ten technologies in the gaming industry. Other equipments could also develop with the advancement of 4G that has spread its wings in the UK, though with a slow speed in the beginning and the authorities & the companies giving their consent for the relevant terms.

USA geo location know how advances
USA geo-location know-how advances

As regards the iGaming industry in the US, it would be processed through state-by-state strategy that brings few difficulties too. The interested concerns would have to follow the law of the land and ensure that their site does not cross the state borders. The geo-location companies were faced with deficit of the laid standards during the past year as per the parameters of the states. GeoComply and few other concerns tried to plug the serious empty space that would boost the roll out of betting through an interstate scheme. Clearance of the interstate betting laws could become difficult without such development that may not be much interesting for many. The worthy GM of GeoComply, Anna Sainsbury expressed that limitations upon the residents by the respective states have not been much common.

Video slots & and soft-core slots
Video slots and soft core slots
It is a common practice with the internet casino companies to present themselves differently. The iGaming concerns have been laying their attention more on facilitating slots that mostly depend upon the blockbuster films. Few concerns have been mad after snapping up the most popular content with the chances of creating the gaming products based on such renowned brands that are liked by the developers leading to expansion of trade via the implicit methods. Microgaming has been there with introduction of all such products on the basis of all features from The Dark Knight to Lord of the Rings.

Not everything has been fine with the development because Warner Bros. has been put on charge by the J.R.R. Tolkien’s estate proprietors who have moved the court against the former that promoted Microgaming for utilizing the rights of the Lord of the Rings through online slots. It seems that consent for offering the rights offline but excluding the digital ones were since granted to Warner Bros.

You would come across the Max Damage slot that was introduced in the month of September and is available through many varied levels without much resemblance to the most common armed bandits commonly available and enjoyed at any casino property. A softer version of the slots but with the absence of all the features expected by you has since been introduced by Microgaming.  


The existence of the international tablet bazaars was too rare prior to the introduction of the maiden iPad of the Apple. However, now the situation has gone a sea change with an upward trend through an increase of 131 percent between the present times and that of 2016 in terms of links of the mechanisms. Their numbers are enhancing with each day and could excel laptop PCs during the coming year or any nearby period. It is not any indication that they have surpassed all others with Apple ribbing the clients throughout the year prior to their launch of a scaled down description of the iPad around the Christmas. It is noteworthy that the renowned product tycoons like Microsoft, Amazon and Google have also stepped in the tablet bazaars in one competence or the other.

The next year may bring some hard challenges for the iGaming concerns that may have to strap up and bring to the fore all the hottest new characterized tablets. During the recently held Mobile and Tablet Gambling Summit, the project manager of Paddy Power, Jamie Reeve expressed that the betting industry companies have been facilitated true prospects of local characteristics through Apple. The next year you could see Face Detection, Ambient Light Sensor, Geolocation, Multi-Touch, Proximity Sensor, Gyroscope, the Accelerometer, Airplay and Voice Control with specialized characteristics through additional apps with extras via the Roller Casino app by Paddy Power.

Europe hosts Live Dealer

While the live dealers have been most common at the casino properties in Asia, the European companies have also come to the conclusion during the past year that live dealers are a great source of fun, glamour and unparalleled entertainment through the respective games. Many gaming operators have now decided to introduce the funny feature to their establishments like the Estonia based Evolution Gaming to do so. VIVO Interactive has brought the societal description of the live dealer and the year 2013 would see great expansion of this particular aspect.  

The internet betting enterprise has seen Bitcoin currency to grow at a rapid speed in the year 2012 and others have also followed the suit. This unique method of money exchange has found favor with a large number of the operators who have preferred it despite its negligible drawbacks in terms of it being a currency. The current year, i.e. 2013 would see huge development of Bitcoin, in the US betting enterprises too. Approx seventy retail outlets have been able to utilize the Bitcoin Friday promotion for execution of their unique fiscal contracts with the prominent betting networks like BC-Casino, Satoshi Dice and StrikeSapphire; the participants in the event during the month of November.  

The real-money gambling market penetrated by Facebook

An IPO was introduced by Mark Zuckerberg during the past year with the particular aim to penetrate the real-money betting in the absence of their ex companion in crime Zynga. The fact came to light only after a considerable gap of time and the world came to know that its top societal set-up has ultimately penetrated the real-money betting enterprise.

888 Holdings was involved in the massive contract prior to which Gamesys also had the opportunity to introduce the Slots Friendzy app and Bingo within the interiors of the UK bazaars. Undoubtedly the real-money betting facilitated through Facebook has its individual drawbacks in terms of the site that is operative in a large number of territories. Despite the betting enterprises suffering from certain small difficulties, many operators are adamant about the play-money players being turned into the real-money ones.

mobils gaming

It is a fact that mobile has been instrumental in promoting the internet betting enterprises to great extent and is an eye-catching instrument at present. Candidly, mobile has topped the list of the top ten systems in the gambling industry. No doubt, few persons had been suspicious about its top position in the industry but that has been falsified with companies’ persistence and continued innovations through all types of varied characteristics by the sportsbooks.

Mobile has been driven with the receivers on Google Android leading to shift to sites based on HTML5 with availability of smartphones at low prices. The customers are encouraged to lean towards mobile sites with more benefits of greater sizes. Latin America, Africa and Asia would see their bazaars grow at a rapid speed during the current year, i.e. 2013 with availability of the low priced receivers.  

Societal media and betting

Though Facebook that has stepped in the real-money betting industry may not be considered as the sole top player in the societal betting enterprise, yet it is the one that is taken seriously by the companies. Many operators in the betting industry have preferred to get united with the societal gaming companies during the past year with their aim to get the backdoor entry into this glamorous segment of the industry. Involvement of the gaming giant Zynga and their preference to adopt the real-money jugular with the has created a history in the industry.

Yazino has stood apart from others while developing its own in-house societal casino brands without involvement of any big concerns as its partners. Doubts about conversion of play-money into real-money players do arise with it reaching near the prospective position and justification of gigantic assessments put on the bazaars.

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