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Strictness against unlawful gambling in Cebu, a must for the police | 3rd Nov 2012 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Strictness against unlawful gambling in Cebu, a must for the police

... 03 November 2012

Strictness against unlawful gambling in Cebu, a must for the police

With the mission to put an end to unlawful gambling activities in the region, the Cebu police have come up with their upbeat move to cleanse the Philippines’ most crowded town. The heads of twenty four police stations in Cube have been directed by Patrocinio Comendador, the Senior Superintendent to clarify their stand about their actions to check illegal gambling activities in the area. It is just not submission of reports, the police chiefs are required to make frequent raids at least once a week and report the same otherwise face solemn action, says the Senior Superintendent who has been candid, short, plain and strict too in terms of his orders.

Patrocinio Comendador emphasized the need to find out the real persons behind the menace of illegal gambling. He pointed out at the investors, coordinators and other supporters who have their own vested interests in the entire game. The police station heads were instructed to conduct raids on such persons and bring them to book without any delay so that illegal gambling is discouraged in the state. He said that stricter laws against illegal gambling would empower their department with more authorities and make their objectives more clear. People’s co-operation is also much significant to do away with this social evil, said the Senior Superintendent who claimed that they are too serious to remove it and won’t spare any defaulter regardless of his/her high status.

In its drive against unlawful gambling, CPPO, i.e. the Cebu Provincial Police Office detained six persons in the beginning of October. They were suspected to be supporters / coordinators or financiers of the illegal trade. Additionally, cash worth Php5, 014, five bikes, two video cameras, fourteen stumps and seventy-three count-pages were also apprehended by the police between 7th to 16th Oct. As many as forty six persons involved in the criminal act were also caught, said the police. A brave action indeed.

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