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Societal poker at PokerStars, SGN and Betable ink pact, Derby Jackpot differs, AppData topped | 03rd December 2012 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Societal poker at PokerStars, SGN and Betable ink pact, Derby Jackpot differs, AppData topped

... 03 December 2012

Societal poker at PokerStars, SGN and Betable ink pact, Derby Jackpot differs, AppData topped

PokerStars has announced that a poker product for the societal systems is on their cards. It has been revealed by the Stars just one day after Facebook’s declaration that they would host the real money betting product of Zynga in those particular areas where such things are officially allowed. Eric Hollreiser, the chief of commercial connections at Pokerstars divulged that their R&D workforce are exploring the prospective opportunities for the societal system sphere while the plans are yet to reach the desired beta-testing level. He expressed his inability to reveal any concrete time bound program for their community presentations as to when they would be made public and whether the real-money aspect would be included or not.

Betable has been approached by Social Gaming Network, SGN - the community and mobile games manufacturer / publisher, the company to partner recently with the former real-money play. SGN from Los Angeles would start facilitating real-money activities on the gaming products including Bingo Blingo by the mid of next year. Murka Games, Digital Chocolate, Slingo, Mandala Games and Big Fish Games etc. have emerged on the list of valuable societal gaming clients of Betable since the month of August. It is really a great boost for the business of the company whose originator Chris Griffin expressed that they see the casino gaming products as a start for future monetization of the community games segment. He continued by saying that all things are reset through real-money aspect that facilitates a level for the playing. He termed it as a tectonic move and not as any progressive shift. Griffin cited an example of a particular game that was created by the designers wherein players played on their own Farmville-style horses and matched the same against their counterparts.

Derby Jackpot, the community horserace wagering setup differs from other societal gaming groups of US. As regards its emphasis on racing, there is no need for it to cross the borders for offering real-money betting. The conditions laid down in the Interstate Horseracing Act permits such things in many jurisdictions of the state. Derby Jackpot has enjoyed to remain in closed beta for a period of five months and proper introduction is hoped to take place somewhere in the beginning of the coming year. They had recently invited the valued clients to a party at a New York sports bar to apprise them of their expectations and also let them know about the company’s societal features. Derby Jackpot is not any house. It just resembles to a gas station that is engaged in lottery tickets trade, gains a small fraction of each bet through their site and as such aims win for all its players who play for fun and money, said one of the three Hessert brothers who support the company.

The budding games chart of Facebook of AppData has since been topped by the Chinese lingo No Limit Hold’em poker game by Socialinus – the manufacturer. The number of users has since gone double during the past week, i.e. 60k. Others on the developing chart are World of Poker: Texas Holdem (+100%), Lucky Bank’s Penny Slots (+25%), Global Slots (+100%), Poker Brasil (+14%), Fantasy Football for Coins (+33%), AFA Domino Poker 99 (+50%), Trophy Slots (+13%) and RoyalDice (+33%).

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