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Schleswig-Holsteiní verdict aggrieves Europe | 13th December 2012 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Schleswig-Holsteiní verdict aggrieves Europe

... 13 December 2012

Schleswig-Holsteiní verdict aggrieves Europe

Under the earlier set-up of the state, the companies were free to go in for a license that permitted different types of internet gaming products and sports betting as well. Fifteen companies had already been bestowed with such approvals in addition to the three that were confirmed just the past week. Twenty three more firms are also looking forward for the authorities’ approval for the licenses. Such a keen interest on the part of the persons linked with the gaming industry is a strong proof that the State with their feasible treaty enjoys a good reputation amongst all who are concerned with gambling activities. Now that Schleswig-Holstein has preferred to accompany their associate German states shows a total U-turn from the country’s earlier administration. Their shift with other 15 Lander goes to show that they are subject to the treaty of the state being organized in the region of Hesse.

Requests with the appropriate credentials have already been filed by one hundred companies to seek approval for the twenty internet betting licenses with the permission to facilitate only the sports betting and no more. More applications could be deposited latest by 21st of the next month in the coming year, the last date fixed for the purpose. However, nothing was made public regarding allocation of licenses and the public at large is in a quandary about the status of their license applications.

The German authorities have witnessed opposition from the European Gaming and Betting Association for a considerable period. Sigrid Ligne, the general secretary said that the elaborate views expressed by the European Commission in opposition to Schleswig-Holstein clearly show that the Member States will no more be permitted to go ahead with implementation of the gaming laws not competent enough to face the CJEU’s terms and conditions. It may not be feasible for the German States to carry on disregarding Brussels’s cautions. The strong condemnation through the developing grumble and lawsuits even prior to introduction of the new law are also major concerns for the states of Germany, added Sigrid Ligne, the general secretary of EGBA.

Such an embarrassing situation creates great confusion as far as legality is concerned. The end users of Germany and all other concerned people are put to great damage, said Ligne. He continued to say that all the affected persons could be relieved from such harassments only by the EC that could revive the lawful sanctuary by taking appropriate decisions against Belgium, Greece and different Member States in addition to Germany too on the basis of lot of protests received from various quarters.  

In fact, Europe is much aggrieved with German state Schleswig-Holstein’s verdict aimed for abolition of their iGaming system to go along with the gambling accord of Germany. The clear cut views expressed by the European Commission are a confirmation of the new regime as a real concern. It is much suspicious about reliability and fulfillment of the German State Treaty with the European Union Law. Even Malta and United Kingdom have also joined European Commission with Malta having expressed their own candid remarks too. Grave inquiries may be asked of the EU and their intentions for implementation of the clean terms of the betting trade across all their members if they end up using the accord of the state.

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