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Satisfied workers and suitable employers in the iGaming segment | 14 February 2013 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Satisfied workers and suitable employers in the iGaming segment

... 14 February 2013

Satisfied workers and suitable employers in the iGaming segment

Like all other trades, the gambling industry also depends much upon its workforce that is the backbone of any concern. In fact, progress of any company depends entirely upon its employees who take it to the heights of success in all respects. The iGaming community in London has also laid focus this week upon the workers apart from other fields like the customers, suppliers and infrastructure etc. Rob Dowling, the chief executive officer of Pentasia expressed previous year that entry of the sincere workers in the iGaming industry has been quite firm and any outside impact has also not been ignored.

He referred to Pokerstars, and bet365 that are known for recruitment of the best workers who have always performed to the best of their capabilities and sincerity. Pokerstars and bet365 have been successful to tap the global markets to great extent and all that is contributed by their sincere and honest workers, he said. However, hiring the services of the best and sincere workers is also not an easy task. The iGaming industry involves fun and entertainment and many workers also consider their jobs as fun. The employers are required to treat their workers in such a way that they remain happy and satisfied at their work. Glassdoor conducted a survey upon the employees and found that twenty percent of the lot tend to hunt new jobs every three months, so it is wise enough for the employers to keep them contented in all respects. The iGaming industry is no exception to this particular aspect as it can’t dare to lose its sincere and honest workers.

It is a tedious job for any worker to search for a suitable employer. One cannot spend much of his / her valuable time to look for the same. Glassdoor has made the things easy through their social network that facilitates them to have few tips about any concern before joining the same. A feedback is sought through the existing employees, the interview process and remuneration etc. The five years old Glassdoor has rated the average company with 3.2 out of the total of five with an average approval rate from the existing workers at sixty eight percent. The best performers across the board have been into the Top 50 with regard to the best places for the workers in 2013. Facebook has been rated as the leader that has surpassed McKinsey & Company. Few of the top fifty are related to the gaming field. Google has been ranked at the sixth place in the SEOs list whereas Rackspace has been placed at the fifteenth place as far as satisfaction of the employees is concerned.

Cryptologic, has been awarded the satisfaction rate of 1.6 with regard to the year 2011 which may not sound too well. But now being managed by David Baazov and AMAYA, the prospects might change considerably as far as its rating by the existing workers is concerned. Patti Hart, the CEO of IGT has recommended the rating for his company at just twenty percent while the concern could score only 2.4 and 26 percent workers in its favour as far as their satisfaction is concerned.

Fifty percent of the workers of Gala Coral wanted their friends to join the company while it secured only 2.7. Big amendments in the structure could better its position in the coming days if it sticks to more satisfaction of its workforce. GTECH is there that secured the approval rate at 2.9 while forty three percent of its workers recommend it to their friends for joining it. However, Jaymin Patel, the CEO puts the approval rate at sixty four percent, may be the faith in the top dog.
The reviews in respect of PartyGaming, brought them a rating of 3.2 satisfaction score while forty six percent of its workers want their friends to join the company. Lot of basic changes are expected to be affected for the employees in this concern. William Hill, the UK bookmakers got the satisfaction score at 3.5 and fifty seven percent of its workers recommending it to their known ones who intend to work with them. Ladbrokes has seventy one percent of its existing workers who would recommend it to their friends who are on the hunt for jobs but the company was placed at a rank of 3.4 as regards the satisfaction score. No reviews were available in respect of Richard Glynn that could also be much interesting for anyone.

Playtech, the renowned software provider has been found to be too satisfying as far as their employees are concerned. A satisfaction score of 3.5 has been awarded to the concern by Glassdoor that has found seventy percent of the workers of the Playtech recommending to their friends. Mor Wiezer has secured eighty eight percent as regards the approval rank.

Bet365 has secured the first position with a rating of 4 and with all its employees, i.e. 100% wanting their friends to join them in working with the concern. Denise Coates, the calm lady is there who is known for her sincere and honest job performance even during late hours through the weekends. She along with others is quite satisfied with the employers. Game Account has been placed at the next rank with its online arm, MoneyGaming yet to start with. Their future developments would decide everything. Paddy Power, the top and best brand in the iGaming industry has earned a high reputation that envies others to follow it. The company has been lucky to have 4.2 satisfaction score with all its employees and Patrick Kennedy, the CEO too recommending others to join them.

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