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Reid bill liked by many but does not satisfy all | 19th Sept 2012 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Reid bill liked by many but does not satisfy all

... 19 September 2012

Aimed at a sluggish and austere American online gambling market; the Internet Gambling Prohibition, Poker Consumer Protection and Strengthening UIGEA Act of 2012; proposed by the Arizona’s Senator Jon Kyl and Nevada’s Senator Harry Reid may not be comfortable for many whereas some persons may be satisfied with its terms and conditions.
There are many formalities that have to be tackled before the Reid’s proposal takes the shape of a legitimate law. At the beginning of the process, the Senate’s approval is a must that may come sometimes prior to adjournment of the Congress for the elections or after that. The House of Representatives under the control of the Republicans have also to approve another related bill alike Joe Barton’s legislation during the same period. Then the bill is to be authenticated by the President instead of using his veto-power so that it becomes a law.  
Salient features of the proposed bill are as under:

  • Set up a fresh institution under OOPA, i.e. Office of Online Poker Oversight to formulate rules against scams, under-age and problem gambling. In addition, appointment of supervisors for issuance of online poker licenses would be done by OOPA that includes Nevada Gaming Control Board which has been supervising the licensing program for the inter-state online poker.
  • Fifteen months’ wait after clearance of the bill prior to start-up of the American market.
  • Acceptance of the central directives by all the fifty states. Those who don’t do so would be considered to have opted out. Permission for the Indian tribes for online operations, only if their respective states have opted for the central directives. 
  • Ban on global involvement in the US player pools.
  • Issuance of licenses during the first two years only for the land-based facilities, chosen by the authorities in terms of their type & size and manufacturing machines / products.
  • Ban of five years for issuance of licenses to the concerns which operated in the US after clearance of UIGEA.
  • Payment of a total of sixteen percent as online poker activity fee on monthly basis by the licensed operators, i.e. fourteen percent to the states and two percent to the central authorities. Violation of OOPO’s regulations would mean cancellation of its license and fine up to $750,000.
  • Reversal of DOJ’s latest judgment about applicability of the 1961 Wire Act only to sports betting that rejects all online gambling, except licensed online poker and off-track horse wagering. Fines and imprisonment up to ten years for the operators who facilitate other prohibited gambling activities.
  • Ban on development of fresh interactive slot-machine-imitating games, but permission for sale of only online lottery tickets for daily drawings online.

Acknowledgment of the proposed bill depends much upon its different aspects that are liked by many while others don’t.  As regards the American poker players, the ones interested in amusement and wary of UIGEA are disappointed with the bill. The horse-racing fans or lotto aspirants may also not find comfort with it. Few of the gaming concerns of America may be satisfied with the bill as they are facilitated with a built-up tailored online gaming market with enhanced incomes. However, the ban on the players from other countries to enjoy gaming online against their counterparts in America creates hurdles for the American concerns. They would be losing the benefits of global market but are happy with the advantages of enhanced poker activities.
The global brick-and-mortar gambling concerns would lag behind the American concerns to much extent in terms of customer satisfaction and related aspects even if they are able to secure licenses. The American operators would certainly surpass them in all respects, with the local ground advantages. The online gaming concerns that existed in the U.S. after UIGEA would also be affected greatly after implementation of the proposed Reid bill when it becomes a law of the land.

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