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Record gaming revenues in 2012 in Pennsylvania; ban on by North Carolina | 9 January 2013 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Record gaming revenues in 2012 in Pennsylvania; ban on by North Carolina

... 09 January 2013

Record gaming revenues in 2012 in Pennsylvania; ban on by North Carolina

While Pennsylvania managed to earn an income of $2.41 billion in 2011 through slots it was obscured with a record figure of $2.5 billion through the same in the year 2012. The overall revenue earned by the state in this year came out to be $3.8 billion and Pennsylvania has attained the second biggest position as far gambling income in the whole of US is concerned. It was Las Vegas that stood at the top by making $10.9 through gambling activities during 2012 while Pennsylvania secured the second position behind Las Vegas with all others left behind in terms of gambling revenues. With an assortment of eleven casino properties, the state is enjoying a healthy position as far as its gaming revenue is concerned while the other neighboring regions are not so well off.  

Improved larger race track asked by Ohio State Racing Commission

The Lebanon Raceway is going to be repositioned to the west of Pennsylvania as agreed upon by the Ohio State Racing Commission despite the fact that Delaware North Companies and Churchill Downs Inc., the two associates of the company have proposed to establish a race track measuring 5/8-mile without providing any facility for food, horse stables or barns in their clubhouse. The senior vice president of Churchill Downs’; Shawn Bailey said that all the requisite amenities may not be accommodated in the bigger race track that will be insufficient for the same.

The new proprietors of the prospective casino and racetrack are being approached by the racing commissioners of the state to go ahead with their schemes of up gradation, says the report by the Blood-Horse Magazine. The horse racing commissioner, Willie Koester has expressed that he would like to see a track measuring 7/8-mile equipped with all the requisite facilities and the state would also be at great benefit with enhanced income in the proposed Monroe new race track.

Video sweepstakes ban in North Carolina

Many sweepstakes parlors in Charlotte have since been closed because of the total prohibition of the video sweepstakes devices by the state of North Carolina through the orders of their Supreme Court that has put the traders to great discontent resulting in closure of many establishments on voluntary basis or go ahead with changing the machines. Bran Crone, the representative of Internet Based Sweepstakes Operators expected about ninety percent of such operators to close down their shops voluntarily. He added that some of them could opt for the new software and / or new machines that would have to face the test through fresh cases under the law.

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