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Presidential candidates seek Adelsonís blessings, US casino companies operating in Asia serious to shift head offices to Asian region | 12th December 2012 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Presidential candidates seek Adelsonís blessings, US casino companies operating in Asia serious to shift head offices to Asian region

... 12 December 2012

Presidential candidates seek Adelsonís blessings, US casino companies operating in Asia serious to shift head offices to Asian reg

The probable candidates for the 2016 president’s poll including Bob McDonnell (Virginia), John Kasich (Ohio) and Bobby Jindal (Louisiana) seek Adelson’s blessings in a big way that could enable them to bag the post of President. It has come to the surface that all of them went on pilgrimage to the Venetian, Las Vegas immediately following the November poll. As Jon Ralson, the reporter from Nevada calls Adelson to be Gondolier Number I, the three candidates for the post of President went to him to implore themselves in front of him, i.e. Adelson. He is of the firm belief that the GOP is lenient and liberal towards Israel as compared to the Democrats. That’s the big reason he supports the party.

Adelson and his casino firm were under the scanner of the Department of Justice of the US that examined the charges of money-laundering for Mexican meth tycoons which were engaged in shifting funds across the world from the Asian triads including large sums of enticement related to the executives of China. Such activities could put LVS in an embarrassing situation with implementation of the rules of FCPA, i.e. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. During the drive Adelson declared that he was aggravated by these facts. He met Eric Cantor, the House Majority Leader and John Boehner, the speaker of the House of Representatives during his visit to Capitol Hill on Tuesday. It was reported that he preferred discussions regarding probable amendments to the FCPA but the information was falsified by others who said that FCPA was not included in the current week schedule.

News had spread that Sheldon Adelson, the titan of Las Vegas Sands had contributed a great sum of money to the nominees of the Republican Political outfit in the past poll series that came out to be much more than the earlier estimates. It has been reported that GOP was supported by Adelson by way of huge sum of money amounting to more than $150m. A large number of the GOP candidates who were blessed by Adelson through his great donations could not retain their seats except for Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV) who was lucky enough to do so. But that has not affected Adelson in any manner. Rather he would support GOP through twice the donations in future, said Adelson who added that he accepted the wins and defeats whole-heartedly as these are the nitty-gritty of any trade. As such he is never dejected with the defeats and a hottest hand is always there, expressed Adelson who went on to say that the amount of $150m is too meager as compared to the bonus check of $1.2b promised for the forthcoming Happy Christmas.

Luis Mesquita de Melo from the ex Sands China expressed at the Asian Gaming and Hospitality Congress in Macau held in the recent past that enhanced lawful study of the casino concerns of the US, operating in Asia may compel them to think shifting of their head offices to the Asian markets where the trade is developing. He continued that he has opined in his own individual capacity and not on behalf of his ex-employer but it is not for the first time that such a suggestion has surfaced. It had been revealed by Steve Wynn two years ago that he could shift the business head offices of Wynn Resorts to Macau that was under his serious consideration. It may be noted that the US lawful examiners are seriously looking into the amount of $135m that was reportedly donated to the University of Macau by Wynn.

Large sum of money of Wynn and LVS income are presently contributed by Asia and merely a considerable development component on the financial statement of MGM Resorts is reflected by MGM China. The setting of the gambling sector of the world may be affected greatly by PriceWaterhouseCoopers that may lead to beating of the US bazaars by Asia within the next three years or even less than that. The business shift is certain to happen with the realignment of the revenue flows. The focus of the US concerns would mainly be on the Asian politics while the GOP may be influenced greatly through the donations by Adelson and his individual intentions.

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