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Pennsylvania, Hawaii and Iowa reintroduce online gaming laws | 14 February 2013 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Pennsylvania, Hawaii and Iowa reintroduce online gaming laws

... 14 February 2013

Pennsylvania, Hawaii and Iowa reintroduce online gaming laws

The current year has started with many states including Massachusetts and Mississippi putting vigorous efforts for development and progress of online gambling activities in their regions. To name few more, Pennsylvania, Hawaii and Iowa have also stepped in to boost the internet gaming sector with their determined will and prepare the ground for a better and solid base for the same. Necessary amendments are being introduced in this regard by the state authorities.

Fresh guidelines and bylaws are being brought in by Pennsylvania through Tina Davis (D), the state Rep with one-page draft for introduction of legislation that would enact few changes in the existing online gambling act of the state. Giving due consideration to the operational and overhead costs of the casino operators, Davis says that she would facilitate a reasonable tax structure for them. A much higher tax rate (55% v. Nevada’s 6.75%) for the physical properties is being charged by the authorities of Pennsylvania at present. So the reasonable tax structure as suggested by Davis could be well imagined by all concerned. She wants the license application fee to be set at $16.7m.

The small scale sports wagering pools may be legalized as per the proposed legislation going to be reintroduced by Lisa Boscola (D), the state Senator that was initially put forward during the last March. The number of participants would be limited to one hundred with the entry fee of a maximum of $20. The amount so generated would be utilized towards charity for welfare activities or the participants and the members of the pool would be required to have mutual contacts on domestic, skilled and social links. Boscola wants harmonious social relations amongst all but the Bill Beatty Beer Bong Society won’t find place for such common causes.


After unsuccessful launch of internet gambling legislation by the House of Representatives of Hawaii the previous year due to inadequate management and lack of proper interest; it would be the Senate of the State to permit gambling as till now it is the only state out of the two besides Utah that do not allow such activities. The Senate Bill resembles exactly with the HB 2422 of the previous year that requires the state gaming and internet lottery corporation to select one service provider for operating the internet wagering site. Games of skill and chance would be facilitated through such site. Poker, lottery and casino games would also be covered by the site but sports betting would remain off limits. Two physical gambling entertainment events in a year could be arranged by the lottery corp. for inviting the visitors and interstate compact would also be allowed.

An unspecified percentage of the generated amount would be provided to the service provider for his services to operate the site but he would be barred from making any contracts with the US clients prior to twentieth September, 2011; the day the Wire Act rethink was brought into being by the Department of Justice, i.e. DOJ. However with an aim to allow the US operators they have been exempted from this diktat as they adopted the online betting under the Interstate Horseracing Act and moreover American knuckles have since been repeatedly blown by the WTO through the protectionist legislation. No other operator with the intention to serve the gamblers of Hawaii would be entertained in any manner and may suffer in an adverse manner.


Iowa is also there to boost online gambling with its Senator; Jeff Danielson who has brought forward the online poker legislation once again that was initially filed two years ago. SSB 1068 of the current year is a study bill that is aimed at establishing the needs for the state to facilitate intrastate internet poker licenses in case they do not have any other option. The 2012 description was somehow got approved by Danielson but the ratty Republicans in the House of Representatives also played their role tactfully. The physical or the riverboat casinos and the racetracks operators of the state would be granted permission to offer online poker through this bill.

The validity of the licenses would expire after three years and the license holders would be required to pay 22% tax on tourney fees and cash game rake that may go up to 24% in case the total adjusted gross income of online and physical activities crosses $3m in a particular month. In view of the expected permission for online betting from local destination or other points permitted by the law; the interstate as well as the global compacts would be given approval through the bill. The service providers would not be permitted to accept or assist any betting against the set rules of any region where they operate. So nothing much strict for anybody, it could be just an unclear caution against any unlawful acts that have to be considered by the people themselves whether they are right or wrong as far as the state law is concerned. 

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