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New poker bill under active consideration of Texas, Iowa Lottery wants to empower the states | 4 January 2013 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

New poker bill under active consideration of Texas, Iowa Lottery wants to empower the states

... 04 January 2013

New poker bill under active consideration of Texas, Iowa Lottery wants to empower the states

The terms and conditions of the Texas Gaming Act of 2013 would be on the agenda of the lawmakers of the state when the meeting is held again on 8th of this month. In fact, the act was first proposed in December, 2012 by Eddie Rodriguez (D-Austin), the state senator.  
There will be complete prohibition on the online poker while the poker games through the physical casinos would also be regulated through this latest poker bill that would focus mainly on complete ban on betting through the internet. By virtue of this particular state law, the electronic version of poker tables would also cease to exist that was supposed to be affected through a previous rule. The highest buy-in is proposed at $100 through this unique pact that sees an end to the chief contests too in the state. The internet poker gamblers may not find the bill much comfortable as they are not likely to make moves to the state.

A separate poker segment is expected to come up through the Texas Lottery Commission via the present bingo halls and pari-mutuel establishments as planned through the new bill. Poker would be available through the tribes. They and pari-mutuels would be operative twenty four hours while the bingo halls would function only during the usual playing hours. A slice of eighteen percent of the income would be receivable by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs as per the new schedule.

Terry Rich, the knowledgeable CEO of Iowa Lottery approached the D.C. to plead their case with a request to bestow all the powers with the state authorities instead of the central officials in terms of online gambling. Rich requested the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries for such important issue.

The lottery staff also endorsed the suggestion by saying that the state authorities are capable enough to tackle the major issues of their residents and take appropriate decisions in respect of their requirements. They stressed on the need to retain the intrastate gaming within their territories. Rich said that there should be no interference on the rights and powers of the state on the part of the central officials who should not dictate the states for regulation and implementation of any strategies for online betting in their individual regions. The sentiments were conveyed by him to the Iowa Legislature’s Government Oversight Committee.

Other persons and groups have also expressed their views the same way by asking the central authorities not to poke the state officials in respect of internet betting. The states want and are capable to manage the affairs themselves, quite similar to the physical betting during the past many years, they expressed. Online gambling has been on the active consideration in Iowa that has seen the unhurried demise of the recent poker bill in the month of March 2012 in the state House. It is a good sign for the states that are aware of the fact that the state-by-state process is the best resort.

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