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New laws for gambling ads in Italy, revenues go down | 27th November 2012 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

New laws for gambling ads in Italy, revenues go down

... 27 November 2012

New laws for gambling ads in Italy, revenues go down

Fresh rules have since been enacted by the Italian Government in respect of advertisements related to the gambling activities in the state. The previous regulations have gone under considerable amendments as declared by the authorities. The time schedule for the existing prevention upon the gambling ads involving the minors’ interest during the course of any radio or television programs has been extended by half an hour before and after such programs. Clarity in terms of disbursement from the concerned gambling activity is a must, says the new regulations.

DLA Piper has approached the Italian gaming authorities AAMS to come up with clarity in the context of fines of up to €500k for the violators, i.e. the broadcasters or the operators.

Figures related to the trend of the bazaars in the gambling industry for the first eight months of the year have since been released by AAMS. It registered total earnings of €56.5b, up 16.6% for the corresponding period of the previous fiscal. But the operators have exhibited a downfall of   4.7% to €11.2b. Switching over to video lottery terminals (VLTs) from slots by the Italian clients with a considerable higher award of 75% - 90% has counted much towards this plunge. An increase of 14 percent to €31.2b consisting of €18.2b, off 10% via slots has since been registered in the total gaming machine earnings that has resulted in GGR, i.e. the gross gaming revenue of €4.5b downfall from the previous year’s €4.8b. The earnings through VLT has increased seventy percent to €13b and GGR has since doubled to €1.5b.

The income from horseracing has gone down by one third to €678m while GGR has also exhibited a downward trend to €201m. The turnover in respect of Sports betting was also down by 3 percent to €2.4b, with GGR going down approximately 17 per cent to €465m. Likewise, Bingo has also registered a decrease of approx 10% to €1.1b but GGR remained constant at €333m.

A gigantic five-fold increase in the turnover has since been noted in respect of the poker cash games and fairly new internet casino that registered €8.4b while the GGR also went up to €234m. The skill games and the tournament poker were affected considerably with the turnover and GGR going down to almost over half, i.e. €859m and €103m respectively. 

The earnings through the scratch card trade noted a downward trend of 6 percent to €6.5b whereas GGR was down by 3 percent to €1.9b. The income through the Lotto maneuvers of Lottomatica registered a downfall of 9 percent to €4.1b and GGR going down by 30 percent to €1.34b. The worse happened with Superenalotto of SISAL that registered a downfall of approx a quarter to €1.3b in its earnings while the GGR was down by a third to €690m. The catch by the taxman also went down, may be considered a great win or the other way round, as you like.

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