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Mobile games, non-smoking casinos and non-gaming facilities in Macau | 28th Nov 2012 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Mobile games non-smoking casinos and non-gaming facilities in Macau

... 28 November 2012

Mobile games non-smoking casinos and non-gaming facilities in Macau

As per the fresh rules of Macau slots, the customers are permitted by the casino operators to lay stakes from their mobile gadgets in the boundaries of brick and mortar casinos. The fresh rules are proposed to be implemented by the controller with effect from 27th Nov. 2012. It will pave the way for infinite mobile gambling by wireless networks in the boundaries of gambling regions specifically sanctioned by the manager of the casino. It is also specified by the fresh rule that the slot parlors can be  lodged only by the five-star hotels, non-dwelling places within a distance of 500 meters from the casino or resorts which are not incorporated in a thickly inhabited region. Melco Crown is the one casino operator that will be affected mostly with this new rule because they will have to reposition their four to five Mocha Club slot couches to fresh places.

The government is being requested by a representative of SJM Holdings to enact a complete smoking prohibition in casinos of Macau. The name of this representative is On Kei and she is the executive director of the company. She completely supports the total smoking prohibition in the casinos. Being a member of the legislative assembly, she inquired Francis Tam Pack Yuen, the Secretary for Economy and Finance, the reason for not enactment of total smoking prohibition act with effect from 1st Jan. 2013. She also debated over the incomplete smoking prohibition and stated that it will be very difficult to implement this rule. She disapproved of the settlement which brought out the rules with so much delay. She stated that it will be very much difficult for casino operators to build up smoking areas in such a short span of time under the incomplete smoking prohibition act.

The Secretary for Economy and Finance-Tam, for the firm considers requirement of additional non-gaming allurements in Macau. In his conversation at the legislative assembly, he stated that non-gaming components are very important for the future of the financial system. He said that additional facilities including extra amusement and theatre shows must be added by the casino operators to be provided to the customers. It will help them to draw more guests who are not interested just in gambling.

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