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Mega slots jackpot in Finland, where playing slots is just a part of shopping | 30th November 2012 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Mega slots jackpot in Finland, where playing slots is just a part of shopping

... 30 November 2012

Mega slots jackpot in Finland, where playing slots is just a part of shopping

Lately, the biggest slots jackpot payout has been made by a casino area of 3D online poker operator PKR in 60 years of its records. This casino area is perhaps on sale. A housewife from Donegal rotated a 20-cent roll on the Adventures in Wonderland slot on 2nd Nov. into a progressive jackpot payout for more than $408, 000.

The young lady informed PKR that she celebrated the grand win with her family till morning. It may not be completely by accident that she came to know about her pregnancy only after two days. The amount of money won by her has changed her viewpoint about the world and she feels at the top of the world. She informed that she would first of all take her children to Disneyland. Then they will go to Hawaii to participate in the Pro Bowl.

This proportion of stake: payment which is 2m: 1 may be quite remarkable but it is too light in contrast to the payment made to the player from Helsinki, Finland. This player rotated a spin worth €5 on the Arabian Nights slot into a jackpot worth €8.65m on Finland operator and got €11.7. This win was made in September 2011 by Betsson player and was a fresh record in the history of Finnish slots as well as the second world record.

It is an accurate fact that the lucky proportion of stake-to-payout of Finn is just 1.73m: 1. However, the extent of payment implies that you can purchase one or two glasses of Finlandia Vodka in Helsinki for all the people around. At the same time, it is consistently informed to the customers that in order to spend a lavish night in a pub of Donegal, you must have at-least half-million dollar.

A gambling domination is operated by PAF on the Alands Islands and at the same time the slots and casino domination is operated by RAY on the Finnish mainland. Lately, figures were disclosed by RAY which exhibited a remarkable percentage of 18 points of the adult population of the nation who tried their hands on slots during the past week. Around 40% confessed that they played slots during the past one year.

In contrast to it, the players who have played slots in Sweden during the last week constitute only 2% while only 14% of them played it during the last one year.

In spite of the fact that Finnish players have a strong admiration for slots, Anssi Airas, the research manager at Ray informed that only 1.5% of the Finnish players are thought to be troublesome gamblers. These numbers are quite contrasting to those with Sweden where number of slot machines is 7,000 as compared to the number of slots machines at Finland which is 20,000.

At present, there are around 7,000 points of sale in Finland for which the slots are accessible. As per statement given by Jarl Kivela, the Business Locations Director of Ray, playing slots is just a part of shopping. Therefore, a despicable march is expected at the malls of Finland on the occasion of Christmas each year which is considerably bearable.

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