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Left out players paid by PokerStars; Massive $1.3 million award by Americas Cardroom at OSS II; Andrew Robl at the top | 31 January 2013 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Left out players paid by PokerStars; Massive $1.3 million award by Americas Cardroom at OSS II; Andrew Robl at the top

... 31 January 2013

Left out players paid by PokerStars; Massive $1.3 million award by Americas Cardroom at OSS II; Andrew Robl at the top

Some sort of suspicion occurred at the 2013 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Zoom Challenge event at the weekend when a shift from the initial operational process of the contest was brought to the notice by few contestants permitting a large number of them to take part in a group and against each other.  In fact, it did not fall in line with the set laws as in the past days that facilitated the players to enjoy the event in pairs or on individual basis. The groups ended up with the benefit in the final ranks making four out of the eight money finishers from two different groups of five contestants in the end. All that resulted in making the players to be at the receiving end in terms of unauthorized benefits resulting from doubtful shift of the rules in the mid of the contest.

Stars lost no time to resolve the issue by making the loss good in respect of the players who had suffered on account of the concerned money due to the unexpected and sudden shift in the results. Three players were awarded extra bonuses amounting to $2,360 each whereas four others were also allowed the same amount in the end.

Lee Jones, the authorized representative of PokerStars clarified that on few occasions such things are likely to happen because all the issues are not properly taken care of while the promotions and results are finalized and the same thing occurred at their end too for which he sought excuse from all concerned. He added that their company, i.e. PokerStars is an eminent one, renowned for its hard earned reputation amongst the online poker concerns and this minor incident could just be ignored with a right perspective.


With a record breaking turnout of players at the signature online poker series of America’s Cardroom that had reserved only $1,088,000 as the guaranteed money in the beginning in respect of its two-week series; the prize pool guaranteed amount touched $1,308,702.49 that hit the lines and created a history with such a huge amount of reward.

In fact, America’s Cardroom has broken all the previous records amongst the online poker concerns till now by facilitating a record-breaking amount of $1.3 towards the prize pool money against the $1 million assured online poker series, OSS II.


Andrew Robl, the hottest winner of first rank is a testimony that poker provides manifold winning chances. In fact, Robl made it to the top position after the first player being pushed out of the contest. Credit goes to the shift of rules in the contest of the current year that permitted re-entries and Robl was clever enough to take advantage of the same that facilitated him to re-enter the contest and walk away with the winning position someway. The lucky guy cleverly reaped the $1 million first award by pushing Igor Lechuckpoker Kurganov in the end. However that did not deter  Kurganov too from receiving the massive amount of $610,000 at the second position while Masa Kagawa – the Japanese pro and Dan Shak – the ex winner ended up with the third and fourth ranks earning $320,000 and $237,000 respectively.

Not only the huge amount of award that has been bagged by Robl, the win has facilitated him to get his name registered like the world renowned poker winners Shak with the Erick Lindgren, Howard Lederer, Sam Trickett, and Aussie Milions $100,000 Challenge Dan Smith. No doubt, Robl had to pay out $200,000 towards the two buy-ins and additional $100K to lay his hands on the massive amount through his first position, but that is too meagre as compared to be at the top.

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