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Jay Cohen, a social gaming founder not a robber | 05th December 2012 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Jay Cohen, a social gaming founder not a robber

... 05 December 2012

Jay Cohen, a social gaming founder not a robber

The online sports betting discussion SBR named WSEX Slow Payout Updates has a line above it which has as large as 2,315 posts. Not even a single post has been written by Jay Cohen, the in-charge of World Sports Exchange. It may be somewhat comprehensible but quite sarcastic so far. It is because Cohen was the foundation of the meeting prior to substitution of application retraction button of the WSEX website with a lively GIF image of a chubby smiling man.

Although Cohen at present chooses to come into sight publicly more frequently as Bigfoot, but he admired to walk across the online gambling meetings. He used to call his opponents as robbers and cautioned gamblers not to have faith in any other website save for WSEX to lay bets with their money.

At present this man who was quite reliable the other way out has moved back to United States to brawl with the accusations of disobeying the Wire Act by providing online sports betting to inhabitants of America. The WSEX associates of Cohen who have also been accused with him didn’t trust him in his belief that he won’t fail. They sensibly opted to stay in Antigua but Gen. Joy went back to his private Little Big Horn.

Cohen was liberated from the jail in 2004 subject to the condition that he will not be engaged with the online gambling business in future. But the admiration of Cohen for the game directed him to confess to CNBC in 2009 that he got involved in his earlier activities once more. It was guessed at that time that his involvement in gambling activities may prove to be hazardous for him. However, it is supposed that a number of smart efforts would have been made by him to keep away from continuing any additional embarrassments in a central jail wash room.

There is a post in the dates of September in the SBR meeting which discussed WSEX’s unwillingness to leave the money of its clients. A fortunate gambler has been mentioned to get a payment in the upper three figures from WSEX only 19 months following its application for retraction.

Although this procedure doesn’t comply with the nominal measures however it shows the preliminary trials of a conducting series. It is to be noted that enough gaps are provided by WSEX amid the date when a bet is laid and the date when a payment on that bet is made according to this conducting series. It is done with the expectation that the Statue of Limitations will terminate depicting all such deals protected from examination.

But a more liable situation arises from a post on SBR which was made the past month. In this post, a bettor is mentioned to ultimately get a cheque for $1,200 for the tough pass-on to jump more than the blood pressure of oversized Cohen. However, this situation is supposed to be planned and not a co-incidence. It is because ironically you can say that the current notion of social gaming is founded by Cohen which expresses that real money is needed to get into the game however no retractions of real-money are allowed. All this calls over to social gaming prophet Jay Cohen.

Openly, it is believed that a part of profits of Zynga are payable by Jay or rather the gaming profits of all social gaming including more than millions of dollars which are jointly payable to WSEX clients. Although this bonus cheque may come at WSEX HQ but it is not expected that Jay would be eager to direct it to someone else’s account rather than his own.

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