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IBCbet rendered inoperative by Indonesian police, Vietnamese gaming industry at the risk of closure | 14 January 2013 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

IBCbet rendered inoperative by Indonesian police, Vietnamese gaming industry at the risk of closure

... 14 January 2013

IBCbet rendered inoperative by Indonesian police, Vietnamese gaming industry at the risk of closure

Nine persons have been taken into custody by the officers of Indonesia for their active participation in supporting the customers to lay bets with the leading Asian online gambling websites- and As per reports of Jakarta Post, the police officers stated that the process of gambling was being executed in Johar Baru, Central Jakarta right from 2010. Income proceedings worth Rp 30 million to 50 million or US$ 3,000 to 5,000 were produced on daily basis via this gambling process. The money produced from this process was supplied into even a bigger business operation in Surakatra, Central Java which can produce income dealings up to Rp 300 million or $31,000 on daily basis. Cash worth Rp 1 billion or $104,000 was detained by the police and they are investigating 150 bank accounts by which dealings were done with the central account of the whole operation. However, it is recognized that a number of these accounts are probably private to the gamblers.

Apparently, unlawful lottery games are also being provided by this operation. It is also reported that this business operation had links with a gambler in Singapore. However, the two websites mentioned above are authorized in and from Manila. The persons taken into custody by the police will have to go through a rigorous imprisonment for ten years in a jail of Indonesia subject to verification of the offense.  The jails are described in the range of cruel to an extremely miserable place. It is quite unsurprising that the agents in the Asian credit wagering enterprise receive payments by which all the risk involved also comes on them. This is the hottest news following declaration made by three ministries of Indonesia during July 2012 to accumulate money in an effort to diminish the increasing demand of online gambling in the densely inhabited Muslim country across the globe. From that time a domestically operated website named Tangkasbet and leading online gambling group from the US have also been captured by them.

The accounts of some of the gamblers have been deactivated for a while as a part of the inquiry procedure. These gamblers may find difficulty in making transactions through their accounts. However, they were rescued easily in contrast to a team of gamblers in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. The particulars are still unclear; however it seems that police invaded a building in Tan Binh area where 10 people were making a bet. As per reports of the TuoiTreNews, one of the policemen had the dazzling thought of shooting with pistol at the ceiling. Three out of ten gamblers made an appropriate escape to the fourth or fifth floor gallery. The gamblers leaped or fall down following paving of the way by the railing. As per reports of the VietnamNet, two out of three gamblers passed away and the third one is still in a serious situation.

The contentious slots jackpot victory worth $55.5 million of Ly Sam- the entrepreneur from Vietnam was sustained this week in the District Court. In case the decision is taken, Sam will be obliged to pay $5.5 million in taxes on his winning amounts to the state. The operators of the Palazzo Club Slots Parlor- Dai Duong Joint Venture in the Sheraton Saigon Hotel have declared their objective to request the verdict. However, they may wish to reduce their losses since Sam stated that the petition will be employed by him to induce Dai Duong to include $3.5 million in the profit amount which is asserted by him to be payable on the bonus of 2009. However, the lawyers of Dai Duong cautioned that save for reversal of the sentimental and baseless decision, the company may be moved forward into a deadlock. It is also possible that the gaming industry in Vietnam may be shut down in the times to come.

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