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Hooters hotel-casino goes under major renovations | 2nd January 2013 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Hooters hotel-casino goes under major renovations

... 02 January 2013

Hooters hotel-casino goes under major renovations

The executive director of marketing at Hooters, Arnold expressed that they are moving ahead with giving a facelift to their much loved hotel-casino that is much like the Hard Rock in terms of its size a decade back when it was under the control of Peter Morton. The small sized property with 696 rooms and 30,000 sq ft casino space is a place of attraction for all. The director of communications and business development of the hotel-casino, Richard Wilk was all praise for the Las Vegas property that is much popular and would become more delighting after its renovation.

After suffering from the insolvency during the previous year, Hooters has been putting its best efforts to survive on the Tropicana Avenue since its inception. Due to the poor fiscal condition, the investor himself took its reins. However after necessary changes in its structure, Hooters would come up as an attraction hub in Las Vegas where the locals as well as the outsiders would feel proud to pay visits.

Rick Richards, the ex-manager of Hard Rock Hotel & Casino has joined Hooters this fall along with his old companions like Eric Arnold and Richard Wilk who would work untiringly for making it to stand at the top in the industry. After their arrival at the property, they were surprised to see it in a rumpled condition with beer bottles emptied half and thrown here and there along side the slot machines and the scene looked like a college where some alliance party had recently been organized.

Arnold said that Rick appealed to his colleagues at the town hall gathering to prepare themselves for the year 2013 and nobody hesitated to put his best for the requisite job. Anybody could now judge their good work that has made Hooters look like a freshly established hotel-casino. Necessary changes have since been affected on daily basis, said Arnold.

Start of the hotel-casino
Start of the hotel-casino

Arnold expressed that they want Hooters to become an envious place for the local as well as the global operators in the future for which they are leaving no stone unturned. People should regard it as a casino equipped with a Hooters restaurant and not a Hooters with a casino, said Arnold who added that they want it to be the eye-catching facility. First of all, the walls would be dismantled to enable the visitors to have a view of the casino, said Arnold.

fresh dress code
Fresh dress code

Yes, the staff and the dealers would look smarter and sexier in their newly stitched and elegant uniforms. The new look of the dealers would give delight to the visitors who are always hunt good looking and smartly dressed servers, said Arnold.

beach at hooters casino / hotel
The Beach

Wilk expressed his desire for Hooters to have a day club and pool that would be within the reach of the visitors. The opening of the two is expected somewhere in March as it is on the cards of the new authorities at the property that are too eager to make the same available by all means. The new Hooters Beach Club would give a tough fight to its rivals in Las Vegas as regards elegance, delight and costs, said the duo-Arnold and Wilk

Noble persons visit Hooters

Unlike others on the Strip; Hooters has not attracted too many great personalities in the past. But the previous month saw great celebrities like Tommy DeVito - Rock and Roll Hall of Famer, Bill Goldberg – the skilled actor & wrestler, Chuck Zito – the famous boxer and Cullen Jones – the winner of Olympic gold in swimming who graced the hotel-casino with their kind visits. Other eminent people related with acting, music and athletics have also been visiting Hooters in the recent past.

Wilk hoped that the hotel-casino, i.e. Hooters had the bright chances to provide warm hospitality to more and more famous people from Hollywood and other eminent fields of society. With his friendly relationships in all walks of life, particularly the seventeen years of bond in the Hollywood, Wilk said that he could make it a great success for Hooters to make its counterparts to envy its status on the Strip.

Video games and Saloon enter Hooters

With the exit of Stixx, entry of Saloon and the video game bar about over an year ago, Hooters is planning to facilitate live soothing audio music for which necessary changes are taking place at a fast pace.

The hottest event

Jason Tenner, the key figure in the Prince Tribute downtown show, i.e. Purple Reign would be there to remake the space with Kevin LePine in the Hypnosis Unleashed for which necessary formalities have been completed.

Renovation of rooms

Services of artists of the on-site tattoo parlor, Sticks & Stones have been hired for giving the rooms a touch of modern artwork that would give a different look. The rooms would be renovated through blocks of 100s.

hooter girls
No changes in the Hooters Girls & other staff

Arnold said that approx two hundred existing Hooters Girls would continue to perform as servers at the poolside and the eatery. The new officials won’t make any great changes in the present staff at the property, added Arnold who expressed that the restaurant is the unique facility in the region that would enable the remaining part of the resort also to have good earnings for the property as a whole.

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