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Hampton police and Casino Ballroom jointly use advanced technology | 9th July 2012 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Hampton police and Casino Ballroom jointly use advanced technology

... 09 July 2012

HAMPTON — Casino Ballroom and Hampton Police are working on a united plan to use advanced technology for the benefit of the people, particularly the beachgoers who could be quickly apprised of the possible dangerous situations or be advised suitably about their missing children. Jamie Sullivan and Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom look forward to reach the maximum number of people in a radius of 1.6 mile through the new Hyperlocal Citizens Alerts smart phone applications developed in Nashua. The new app came into being in March at the New Hampshire State in association with the Manchester Police Department. Michael Welts, the Ping4 Senior Vice President of Marketing commented that one Massachusetts police department has signed since then and more announcements, including a statewide agency are in the pipeline. During a joint news conference with Fred Schaake, the Casino Ballroom General Manager and Sullivan on Tuesday at the Hampton Police Department, Welts informed about
functioning of the app by the Hampton police. The app was given as a gift to the department by Ballroom which paid $5,000 but the value is above money, said Schaake. He expressed that it is a good opportunity for us to offer something with real benefits to the Hampton Police Department as we are also a vital part of beach community.
Free downloading of “hyper-local geo-location” app on Apple or Android smart phones and iPads is facilitated for the citizens who would be apprised instantaneously about dangerous situations, traffic situations, missing persons, natural disasters and terrorist attacks or local crimes.  That facilitates quick and enhanced contact with the citizens, said Sullivan. The public at large would be alarmed with text or audio message, pop-up or a video/digital photo about any probable untoward emergency situation. The community could also be much helpful for the law enforcement agencies to solve crimes through the new technology by providing the information. The director of marketing & sales of Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, Andrew Herrick expressed that it would facilitate an additional overall experience in addition to the safety functions at Hampton Beach.
Welts said that they would engage themselves with Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom and the police department for marketing of the free app to the users. The system would be used by Casino Ballroom for broadcasting information about the events & promotions at their shows for the interested users and local retailers along the Hampton Beach boardwalk.

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