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Gambling laws to be revised in Northern Ireland | 14 January 2013 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Gambling laws to be revised in Northern Ireland

... 14 January 2013

Gambling laws to be revised in Northern Ireland

As per news from BBC, the Northern Ireland is ready to perform a renovation of its domestic gambling legislations. The whole procedure will consist of a sequence of scheduled modifications to the progressively more obsolete matter included in the current legislations. Also there will be modifications in the operations of the gambling industry and advancement of fresh forms of gambling.

The most significant modifications consist of the legislation which states that it will be a crime if any person permits an immature below the age of 18 years to lay bets on any gambling machine in Northern Ireland. At the same time, another significant change includes placing of wagers in office of bookmakers to be incorporated within the officially required bond.

Nelson McCausland- the Social Development Minister of the country demonstrated the underlying principle in the wake of modification in the current laws. It seems that this reason is identical to the causes which led Singapore to change its own legislation namely- the Casino Control Act. As per statement given by the minister, his main concern is to lessen the destructive outcomes of gambling. The fresh legislation will be supported by the goals to keep gambling fault-free. In addition to this, it is also intended to ascertain evenhandedness in the gambling industry and to save youth and susceptible generation.

Apart from this, an additional motive was also highlighted by the DSD minister behind this step. He referred to the requirement of the country to go ahead with revising the existing legislations so that the varying gambling atmosphere may be dealt with. And also to ascertain that the modifications permit the country to meet the terms of EU requirements.

Although it is anticipated that modifications will be made in all the current legislations of the country, however there are still some portions of it which will remain unaffected basically. One such portion is relevant to keep the offices of bookmakers or bingo clubs open on Sundays. It is somewhat which is not enjoyed by the DSD in spite of the fact that it is the sole segment of the whole United Kingdom which shuts down these gambling offices on Sunday. As far as the existing ban on casinos is concerned, it is not going to be removed in a short while.

In reality, the progression to modify the current laws of the country started in 2009. Even at that time, various people termed the laws as out-of-date. However, since that step has moved forward to the position when the law is ready to be outlined and put forward in front of MLAs of Stormont prior to the subsequent assembly ballot voting. A large number of people are curious to know about the current status of the fresh bill incorporating the Northern Ireland Turf Guardians. It is a group which stands for bookmakers in the country.

As per statement given by a representative of NITG, they have been operating with all the investors intimately for a number of years so as to get ready for this modification in gambling law. The gambling laws in Northern Ireland lag behind the Republic of Ireland and GB in one way or the other. They are waiting for the bill to come up from the outlining procedure.

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