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Fresh CFO at Betfair, fight between Greece and gambling firms heats up | 03rd December 2012 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Fresh CFO at Betfair, fight between Greece and gambling firms heats up

... 03 December 2012

Fresh CFO at Betfair, fight between Greece and gambling firms heats up

A fresh chief financial officer and executive director named Alexander Gresh has been appointed by Betfair, the exchange expert. Gresh will be fulfilling his duty for both the positions with effect from 3rd Dec. He has served as technical and financial expert for various companies at high level positions. Breon Corcoran, the CEO of Betfair after the recruitment stated that Alex is widely and preciously experienced in working in viable and international trade. He has a confirmed history of bringing desired outcomes. Breon received Alex open-handed at Betfair and expects to work with him. Stephen Morana who has been substituted by Alex was fulfilling both the duties for the last 10 years. He already signaled that he will resign from the post once company appoints a new person for it.

The increasing fight between Greece and the gambling firms of Europe has moved forward following a correspondence note sent to the firms who are expecting sale of OPAP, by Remote Gambling Association (RGA) - the trade association. The note has been sent to the Hellenic Bank, Hellenic Republic Asset Development Fund (HRADF) and the Deutsche Bank. It has been mentioned in the note that more protests are being arranged by them which would have an additional influence on the 34% price share.

An additional statement was given by Clive Hawkswood, the CEO of RGA which mentioned that HRADF has been contacted. It is due to the reason that they exist in the actual international world and the reports of the journalists will signal it to be a rationale say over this argument. It is noteworthy that other European countries have taken up suitable courses which oblige with the rules of EU and produce considerable tax compilation for the State.

The online dominions which are not surviving and cannot be suitably imposed ever, are not required to be undertaken and asserted. The HRADF is requested to assist us in getting the date delayed from 5th Dec. for deciding the normal concerns from the prospective offers. Also we will get time to work with EU and the industry to come to a rationale decision for all concerned.
During the start of the week, the Greece was criticized by the EGBA and the RGA in front of the European Commission. Following this protest, Betfair instantaneously settled to pull out from the market.

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