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Extension of 25 licenses for five years by DGA; agreement between Betway and TV networks of Denmark | 7 January 2013 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Extension of 25 licenses for five years by DGA; agreement between Betway and TV networks of Denmark

... 07 January 2013

Extension of 25 licenses for five years by DGA; agreement between Betway and TV networks of Denmark

Ever since the start of the year 2013, the two-star ranked gambling regulator-Danish Gambling Authority has become quite liberal as far as issuance as well as extension of licenses is concerned. It has extended licenses of 25 operators out of which five are local and 20 are overseas operators. The licenses have been extended for a time span of five years.

In the beginning, one-year license permission was given to these companies in 2012. However, at present they have got permission for extended license operations. They can move on with their gambling trade in the Danish market with the help of these licenses.  Apart from the 25 gambling operators who have received extension of five years for their licenses, there are additional nine companies which have been granted licenses relevant to their income. It is an additional restraining license which restricts gross gambling income to 1 million Danish Krone or $175,000. This calculation has been made on the basis of recent foreign exchange rates.

On the other hand, the year 2012 witnessed DGA implement their control to obstruct which is considered as unauthorized suppliers by it. According to Tina Olsen-the leader of legal segment of DGA; approximately 20 gambling websites which didn’t oblige by the DGA were obstructed.

As per statement given by Olsen, the verity that 20 unlawful gambling websites have been obstructed in 2012 demonstrates that DGA executes its duties to keep an eye on the Danish gambling market so as to save customers as well as the authorized gambling operators on the market.

That’s’ well done on the part of DGA, however the fact is that Danish market is restricted by market limitations and taxes. Hence, any iGaming company should seek licenses in that country only if it has no other alternative to get support.

Betway which is located in Denmark has signed a fiscal agreement with TV 2 network which is possessed by the state to finance the reporting of handball by the TV 2 network. Betway is running a movement to increase its publicity in the markets aimed by it such as Spain, UK, Italy and evidently Denmark too. And the current deal has also been signed by Betway as a part of this publicity movement.

Richard Akitt, the CEO of Betway Group illustrated the significance of achieving footing in the market of Denmark in a statement given by him. He stated that handball is a well-admired game in the country and it is a good source of publicity for Betway group. He added that Denmark is an important market for them and they are delighted to get united with an immensely well-liked game in the country. Also the two TV channels are very significant in the country and they are happy to work with them.

It was an effortless agreement for the Betway group to get the trademark of handball for reporting at each and every channel of the TV because handball is believed to be the second well-admired game in Denmark after football. According to the agreement, advertisement previews of 3-seconds and indents of 4-seconds will be shown by the TV 2 networks. At the same time, promos of 8-seconds will be shown by TV 2 Sport for 10 days prior to commencement of the season as well as all through it from Feb. to May.

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