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Efforts by OLG for a casino in Toronto | 25th Sept 2012 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Efforts by OLG for a casino in Toronto

... 25 September 2012

Efforts are being made by Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. for a casino project costing billions of dollars in Toronto. As informed by Paul Godfrey, the chairman of OLG, the gaming facility in Toronto will be the biggest expansion project across Canada. There will be good prospects of generating jobs counting in thousands and billions of dollars in investment for the territory.  
While no closing date has been finalized for the new casino, as stated by Godfrey; the politicians of Toronto have enough time till the start of 2013 to come to a decision about opening of a new casino in the city.

It has been apprised by Godfrey that they need to get the procedure settled in 2013 because they can’t shift at some other place and then get the decision of council to move forward with casino development. He added that they are aware of the arguments between executive committee over this issue in November and he expects to get final decision by Feb. 2013.

He informed that Toronto is the first choice for a casino. Because setting up a property at some other place such as Richmond Hill, Markham, Mississauga or Vaughn will not generate much employment, the similar financial progression and the first-rate gathering competence which is required by the city.  

MGM is also one among the private companies which is curious to construct a casino resort in Toronto. MGM is supporting a number of gambling houses such as The Mirrage, Luxor and Bellagio in Las Vegas. As per senior vice-president of MGM- Alan Feldman, Toronto is a wonderful city and a good market too. They will get ready to pour in an appalling amount of money into the casino progression project. The three places where MGM is seeking construction of the prospective casino in Toronto are the Exhibition grounds, the Portlands and the Metro Convention Center.

The president and CEO of MGM Mirage Hospitality- Gamal Aziz and home celebrity Mark McEwan supported Godfrey. As per McEwan, in case they don’t get the grant for a casino it will be an immense loss for Toronto. The placement of Toronto is such that you can get straight air travel to mostly all places of the world, particularly Asia and Europe. Therefore it is an appropriate choice for a casino location, as per Aziz.

An image of the gaming amusement center consisting of a trade, activity and welcome compound is put down by Godfrey. The gambling will be executed in a space measuring even less than 10% of the total area. Around 6,000 production and 12,000 stable jobs will be generated by this project.

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