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DOJís PASPA submission turned down by New Jersey; Sports Bet Bill in California; Sportsbook handle in Nevada grows | 14 February 2013 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

DOJís PASPA submission turned down by New Jersey; Sports Bet Bill in California; Sportsbook handle in Nevada grows

... 14 February 2013

DOJís PASPA submission turned down by New Jersey; Sports Bet Bill in California; Sportsbook handle in Nevada grows

The Department of Justice in US assessed the submissions in favour of the legality of the central ban against sports betting, i.e. PASPA the previous week and the result of the legal attempt to obstruct the passage would depend much upon the result of the case filed against it in New Jersey. A copy of the reply by Stephen Sweeney the senate president and Sheila Oliver, the Assembly Speaker was received by John Brennan from

In fact, it is the intention of PASPA that the state government take the things in a particular manner but without any clear cut instructions. Sweeney and Oliver opine that the focus is not on PASPA for any positive action but the real issue is if the states are compelled to shed their rights to opt for the best suitable ways of governance by them. In fact the opinion of the department of justice is turned down by both of them saying that the argument by the former that the tenth Amendments’ dictating principles are in no way violated by PASPA as there is no need for New Jersey to act accordingly. Both the guys are firm in their belief that the government would be prohibited by PASPA to go ahead for implementation of the New Jersey voters’ desires and its own combined lawful verdict regardless of the Congress’s inability asking for prohibition on the activities or direction to the state authorities.  

The attorney general of New Jersey disposed off the things by making a reference to the submissions of the department of justice and their inability to make a mention about their opinion in 1991 saying that federalism issues were posed by PASPA. The original character is being turned down through the existing manifestation of the DOJ, says New Jersey. The federalism issues creating hurdles still exist, asserts the communiqué.  

If as per the understanding of PAPSA it asks the states to execute the Congress’s instructions in conformity to that of the DoJ then the leagues that recognized it would be completely unlawful, says AG. It further goes to endorse the divide and rule policy in contrast to the submissions of the DoJ with the ones opined by the leagues of professional sports that had gone against New Jersey through legal suits. A different case was referred by the AG through which existence of the legal hurdles were quoted by the DoJ while the Congress was engaged for resolving the national problem through its dictatorial instructions for the states’ conduct for regulating the issues and not solution of the exact problem. Nevada, where sports betting exist to large extent has since been exempted by AG that has mocked the intentions of PAPSA for eradication of the bad aspects of sports gambling. Michael Shipp will listen to verbal submissions related with the issue on fourteenth of this month.


The Senate Bill 1390 has since been introduced once again by Rod Wright, the state senator and California is set to go ahead with the favourable sports betting action. The centrally authorised Indian tribes, off-track betting facilities, racing associations, racetracks, and proprietors of the authorized gambling establishments would be permitted to accept bets on sporting events. However, such activities should not involve any college team of California irrespective of the place where the event is held and the same should also not be held in the state of California, says the law. The same clause is applicable to the betting law cleared by New Jersey during the last month. A levy of 7.5 percent on the gross income and an amount of $3k is payable to the gambling addiction program fund of the state by the operators. All the sports betting wagers in California would have to be processed onsite as per SB 1390 version of the previous year.


The sportsbook handle of Nevada the previous year was worth $3.45b, a record figure in the history. The State Gambling Control Board of Nevada has registered that 190 sportsbooks held 4.93% of the total bets in the previous year leading to a win total worth $170m, surpassed those of 2011 by approx twenty-one percent and the second best total stood $191m short of the year 2006. The football win recorded 54.4% to $68.5m on a hold of 4.37% in spite of the defeat in the NFL season. Parlay bets suffered considerably due to the run of favourites that covered the spread and the win of $13.5m declining approximately by 23% during 2011. A decline of 2% to $47.9m on a hold of 4.91% was noticed in respect of basketball whereas there was a rise of more than 53% to $30.1m on a hold of 4.34% for the baseball with the other sports contributing a meagre amount of $10m, down by 2.2 percent, the past year.

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