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Debates about Santa, individual raffle and unauthorized visits to casinos punishable in Russia | 11th December 2012 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Debates about Santa, individual raffle and unauthorized visits to casinos punishable in Russia

... 11 December 2012

Debates about Santa, individual raffle and unauthorized visits to casinos punishable in Russia

The Supreme Court of Russia has put complete ban last month on online gambling sites or those even found talking about online gambling. The internet service providers of the state have been threatened with a one-way trip to Chechnya if the Russians were allowed by them to have approach to internet betting. Next thing that should not exist on the internet is the popular Grandfather Frost or Santa Claus. The chief medical officer of Russia, Gennady Onishchenko regretted for the much lowered age of the children in which they stop believing in the red-suited overweight gentleman (not Kruschev). The youngsters not even able to speak challenge the attractive myth that is the outcome of the advanced information systems.

A large number of unauthorized gambling establishments have mushroomed in Russia with the connivance of certain administrators after implementation of restrictions on casino gambling to the four geographic ghettos that were almost not accessible. The State Duma committee was apprised by the chief of the Economic Security and Anti-Corruption Department of the Interior Ministry - Sugrobov that approx 50k unauthorized casino properties are engaged in illegal gambling activities at present. Mere detention of the managers of the gambling burrows could be of no use unless gamblers are apprised about their liabilities and also the persons involved in renting out the buildings to the unauthorized operators.

The Economy Ministry has suggested that the Central Government only should be authorized to organize the raffle system in the state. Three national lotteries are being organized by the authorities at present. But total control over the raffle system in the state could bring in 10b rubles, i.e. $324m more on yearly basis for the centre’s treasury. In fact the four thousand license holders of lottery in Russia who were given approval since 2005 do not function in a transparent manner. They do not contribute the requisite amount for the societal causes which are to be performed by them like the raffle system under the total control of the government that has clarified that their revenues are directed towards the Vladmir Putin Friends & Oligarchs Benevolent Fund.

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