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Chinese police continues to deal with unlawful gambling activities | 26th December 2012 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Chinese police continues to deal with unlawful gambling activities

... 26 December 2012

Chinese police continues to deal with unlawful gambling activities

As narrated by the officers themselves, the proposal of China to eliminate unlawful gambling was a great achievement in the year 2012. And before the conclusion of the year, one more such effort made by the Chinese police came to forefront. As per reports given by Xinhua, an online gambling activity at international level was seized by the Police of China which was operating in association with their corresponding teams in Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar. This gambling activity involved an income worth RMB 11billion or US $1.76 billion.

The police got a clue about online baccarat operations going on at a hotel in Jingzhou in Oct. 2010. Around 6 million people reside in Jingzhou which is located in Hubei district. The police started its inquiry about the case immediately and retraced the route of website to servers located in Cambodia and successive inquiry disclosed that more than 500 people consisting of 120 agents were engaged in the gambling operation in China. Police took into custody 27 Chinese people during Oct. 2012. Out of them the three main people were those who were transferred from Vietnam on 22nd Oct. The police also took into custody RMB 27 million or $4.3 million.

And on the past Monday, the Baoshan District Court of People in Shanghai sent 25 people to prison who were blamed of their involvement with a separate online gambling activity. As reported by Shanghai Daily, the public lawyers blamed the culprits that they have attained the agent administration privileges of a foreign popular football gaming website. Following an inquiry for 1 and a half year, the persons were taken into custody. The public lawyers asserted that the website dealt with RMB 400 million or $64.2 million during this 1 and a half year. The culprits were given an imprisonment from 6 months to five years and penalties starting from RMB 10,000 to 100,000 or $1.6, 000 to $16, 000.

And lastly, an entrepreneur of Vietnam who was trying to bring $836,000 in an unlawful way into the city-state was taken into custody by the police of Singapore. As per reports given by the Straits Times, the entrepreneur named Tran Ngoc Khoi was fulfilling the requirements of the customs at the Singapore airport. The checkpoint officials were trying to check his belongings. Tran went into a toilet at hand in place of passing over his luggage to the officers. He was ultimately pulled out by the security personnel. Upon searching, they found $436,000 in his bag and an additional amount of $400,000 concealed in his underclothing. In Singapore, the rules are quite stringent. Any person who wishes to carry an amount greater than $30,000 into the country is obliged to fulfill the requirements of official procedure.

The lawyer of Tran asserted in the court that Tran was a frequent tourist to the incorporated resort casinos of Singapore. He further added that the massive amount of money brought by him was meant to support his three buddies who had to pay back the gambling loans which they took at the Marina Bay Sands casino. It was asserted by his lawyer that due to fear of theft at the airport of Vietnam, he concealed half of the money in his pants. It sounds a funny statement as it doesn’t justify the reason behind placing of other half amount of money in his bag.

Well, the officials forgave him and gave back his cash. He was charged a penalty for $10,000 which is one-fifth the amount of the greatest fine. He was saved from being sent behind the bars. But it is believed that he may have to go through more strict surveillance during his further trips into the country.

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