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Burlington or Hamilton not the right choices for a casino | 9th July 2012 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Burlington or Hamilton not the right choices for a casino

... 09 July 2012

Paul Godfrey, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation chairperson had expressed in March that most probably Hamilton or Burlington won’t be considered as the appropriate places to have a casino. Rick Goldring, the Burlington Mayor commented that the idea of a casino in Burlington did not find favor by his community as it was opposed by 78% of the people in the 1997 referendum. Though Bob Bratina had shown his interest to have a casino in Hamilton, but his council did not favor the idea. Moreover, 64 percent of Hamiltonians had also opposed the idea in the referendum held in 1997.
In fact, it is a general opinion that Burlington or Hamilton does not require any full-service casino in the context of ethical issues and the social problems. The Government and the OLG avoid adequate funding for treatment of gambling addiction and education. Moreover, in most of the cases the benefits obtained from the casino activities are overstated in terms of account figures. As stated by the businesspeople in Niagara Falls and Windsor, the casino business is suffering badly with the reduced American cross-border visits that attribute much towards reorganization of OLG.
Three play-options could be considered – Flamboro Slots could be left or be improved considerably, gambling operations may be located at some other site in Burlington or Hamilton or gambling may be taken entirely off the tables if that does not take place at the established Flamborough site. The most favored choice would be the first or the last as OLG slots at Flamborough site would uphold harness racing operations. The racing could not sustain without slots that would adversely affect the agricultural and rural economy of the area and equine industry too. Though associated with certain drawbacks, yet Flamborough’s slots do have some offsetting benefits. It is a savior for Hamilton from OLG operations at the track and the city gets $4 million on annual basics.

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