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Bimini Bay to have new casino | 9th July 2012 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Bimini Bay to have new casino

... 09 July 2012

An announcement about a new luxury boutique casino for Bimini Bay Resort and Casino was made by Rt. Hon. Perry Gladstone Christie, the Prime Minister. It came as a partnership deal has been finalized between Rav Bahamas Ltd and Resorts World Genting. The Prime Minister said that the new venture would not only be in the interest of the two partners but would also prove much helpful for Bimini island and its economy. Christie said that involvement of Resorts World Genting with the Bahamas would go a long way in terms of enhanced touring activities for the country. He appreciated the Resorts World Genting for its tremendous operations, marketing clout and large customer base that would boost new construction and job opportunities too for the Bahamians. He said that Resorts World Genting is one of the first rate casino operators across the globe. The Prime Minister added that the revenues would also go up considerably. He said that the Government and the developer are in constant dialogues for providing more developmental activities and training for the people of Bimini Bay. More emphasis would be laid upon employment opportunities of Biminites. The press conference was attended by Hon. Khaalis Rolle, Minister of State for Investments, Hon. Obie Wilchombe, Minister of Tourism, President, Resorts World Bimini Bay Bahamas – Dana Leibovitz. Geraldo Capo Capo – the Chairman, Group/Rav Bahamas who was also present expressed that he had elaborately discussed the issue of development in Bimini with the Principals of Genting. He added that he was seriously concerned about the development work in Bimini Bay Resort and an accord has been reached for development of the deluxe 10,000 sq ft “The Resort World Bimini Casino” to be opened by year-end. He hoped the casino to contribute much towards betterment of Bimini in all respects, particularly on the economic front. Leibovitz appreciated Bimini’s surroundings that have attracted them here.

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