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Bet limits go up on July 1st | 9th July 2012 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Bet limits go up on July 1st

... 09 July 2012

FLANDREAU, SD – Larry Williams, the Table Games Director at Royal River Casino announced yesterday that as a result of increased bet limits for the casinos w.e.f. 1st July, we now have $500 chips on order. The South Dakota gamblers could now put ten times more with the new chips in play. As per the law, the betting limit would not go to $1000 from the existing $100. Blackjack dealer Trish Mette said that with the increase in the betting limits, the people are much pleased and excited too. He added that the high-rollers intend to put wagers as much as $500 a hand. With the bet limits on such a rise, Royal River Casino in Flandreau expects a considerable rise in the revenues.
Williams said that the increased bets could result in higher wins too. He added that lot of players could go to other places in their quest for no-limit poker. With enhancement in betting limits, the South Dakota casinos could go ahead with world poker tournaments. William added that the increased limit of $1000 could induce more people to play. The blackjack and pots for the poker would consequently go higher.

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