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Anxiety over Taiwan gaming bill and warning by Weidner to take back project in the absence of relevant legislation | 17 January 2013 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Anxiety over Taiwan gaming bill and warning by Weidner to take back project in the absence of relevant legislation

... 17 January 2013

Anxiety over Taiwan gaming bill and warning by Weidner to take back project in the absence of relevant legislation

One of the resort developers in Taiwan is making constant request with the government of the country to speed up the authorization of a gaming bill. This gaming bill if passed will permit construction of casino in the island series of Matsu. As per reports of the Focus Taiwan News Channel, the chairman of Weidner Resorts Taiwan- William Weidner went to the country during start of the current week so as to get familiar with current status of the gambling bill. He expected the bill to be authorized without much delay.

Since it is the sole company located in America which has offered to construct a casino in Matsu, it is losing its tolerance power and is intimidating that he will take back his proposal in case a decision is not taken in favor of the gambling bill in short span of time. It seems that the developer has fixed final limits for his project till the conclusion of June. After that, it plans to transfer its assets in other countries such as Russia, India and Japan. The CAN was informed by the vice president of Taiwan Development division of Weidner that Weidner is deeply interested to construct the resort project in Matsu. Julia gave this information prior to finely cautioning in an indirect way that the company would not be in a position to preserve the owed money for the project unused for a long time in case the legislation is not passed up rapidly.

The annoyance exhibited by Weidner is equally comprehensible because the government of Taiwan is moving at a slow speed to authorize the law for construction of a casino in Matsu. It is to be recalled that the Matsu island group of the country casted their votes in favor of building up of a resort casino during a meeting in July 2012. From that time, the outlining bill on authorization of gambling bill has to get authorization by the Cabinet and Legislature till now. The whole project is in reality at a standstill without this authorization.

Personally, all efforts are being made by the casino developer to get in with to the domestic Matsu Company. Apparently, William Weidner is looked forward to meet local inhabitants personally to make them aware about the development proposal of his company for the society as well as pacify all the worries arising from a different group of inhabitants. These inhabitants are not so much thrilled to look forward to construction of such a costly casino project in the small society. It is because they are worried about well-being and protection of the society due to this project.

Apart from the incorporated resort which consists of 2,000 hotel rooms, a transport workstation, a presentation site, a casino floor, the business venture of Weiden worth $8.3 billion in Matsu will consist of considerable economic backing to modernize the airport of Beigan. In addition to this, it will also provide financial support for construction of land bridge amid Nangan and Beigan Island to the south as well as to construct and set up a university.

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