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Angry unsuccessful gamblers damage the machines | 21st July 2012 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Angry unsuccessful gamblers damage the machines

... 21 July 2012

Damage to the machines by the angry unsuccessful gamblers has become a common practice at Resorts World Casino in Queens where forty-one such persons have since been arrested since the opening of the facility in October last. The opponents of the casino had predicted that the casino, with state of the art digital gambling machines would create more crime in Queens. The same has become a reality at this mega-casino where certain people have become habitual of hitting the machines when they fail to hit the jackpots. Security guard of the casino, Mike Persaud said that during his duty shift, three or four such untoward incidents do occur. He added that when the machines do not give out the desired rewards, the irate gamblers punch and kick the machines that in turn harms those guys as they have to pay for the damages. After losing $300 without a bonus, George Govan, the 56-year old Brooklyn resident punched though a terminal screen in January and told the guards that he would repeat such activity that put him behind the bars for 90 days. Same is the case of Jashim Uuddin, the 34 years old man who lost five grand and served seventy hours of community service for hitting the machine, causing loss of $2000 in damage in January. Similarly, Catherine E. Beckett of Long Island City, Queens slapped the machine three times that caused damage loss of $1,800 to the casino. Her case is still pending.
Such incidents are not uncommon for the police officials, the casino operators and slot repairers who have become familiar with such type of unruly players. Out of the forty-one persons arrested for their misbehavior, nineteen included theft & pick pocket cases whereas another nineteen were assault cases as per the records maintained by Queens’s district attorney’s office. Richard A. Brown, the District Attorney of Queens expressed surprised over the numbers and the criminal activities that have not come to a halt. Overall security at the casino with 1,500 cameras has been a success, except for the slot machines, said Brown.
The Executive Director of the Association of Gaming Manufacturers said that such incidents occur at almost all the casinos across the country. The law breakers who indulge in the damaging activities are banned to enter the casino for certain period or for ever. Stephen Troum, the chairman of the public awareness for the American Society for Surgery of the Hand recommended action against such damaging activities, e.g. punching etc.
Stefan Friedman, a spokesman for the casino said that Resorts World Casino takes such things very seriously and our safety records are maintained properly. He added that our all machines are in perfect working condition and the casino is the highest-grossing slot facility in the country.

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