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Addicts of any type in Russia termed as INCOMPETENT | 8 January 2013 : WorldCasinoYellowPages

Addicts of any type in Russia termed as INCOMPETENT

... 08 January 2013

Addicts of any type in Russia termed as INCOMPETENT

Many states including Russia have come forward with harsh steps against the gambling addicts. The authorities in Ukraine took the lead in the year 2009 when they imposed total prohibition on all types of betting excluding the lotteries, followed by cut on the social liberties of the habitual gamblers. Now it is Russia that has adopted a strict attitude towards the addicts of gambling in the region. Certain amendments have since been made to the existing gambling laws of the state whereby the gambling addicts would be put under strictness for which the state administration led by the president Putin has put forward the requisite law. It is not clear what more hard actions could be expected against the gambling addicts after his signatures on the pact. It could lead to curtailment of the civil liberties of the concerned persons as Russia is adamant to put an end to gambling addiction that could become a legal description under the law of the land; say the experts associated with the authorities.

As per the new amendments signed by the Vladimir Putin administration, the persons habitual of drugs, alcohol or gambling with an extreme urge for the same would be treated as INCOMPETENT ones. Anyone found to be troubling his/her dependents into fiscal crisis due to any such type of addiction; he/she would be subject to supervision by other responsible person/persons who would exercise maximum care in handling the affected persons in managing their finances and other related matters. No doubt, the addicts would be at liberty to perform meager financial activities but there would a considerable ban upon them to take any big decisions as long as they would be under the guardianship of the senior expert and responsible persons.

While all this looks like a far-reaching move on the part of the authorities that are seriously concerned about the welfare of the addicts of any type, yet it does not make any surprise in a state that has been little out there in the recent past as regards gambling. A total ban on gambling and the casino properties except only four gambling zones was imposed in the state as back as four years from now. It is noteworthy that the said zones are not much worthy of tourist points and the state is in a position to solicit the investors to lay stake on any of the four zones in Siberia. The number of casinos in the state has remained almost the same with lot of them running under the umbrella of the state authorities in a secret manner. Most of the properties have preferred to go underground to save themselves from the law of the land. Meanwhile, the internet service providers have also been put the under the scanner of the Supreme Court of the country that has warned them of harsh consequences if they are found to be involved in internet betting activities.

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