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Tips for making bets

How to make $1 & $2 bets??
Suitable betting strategies are a must to ensure success and wins while wagering at online casinos otherwise desired results may not be obtained. With a bankroll of $40, it may be impossible for you to wager $1 every time while playing roulette and betting even money on RED if you fail to adhere to the particular strategy. If you aspire to make big and prompt monetary benefits, be advised to make higher bets by utilizing the winning amount in addition to $1 from your own pocket.
Following points would help you to understand:
1st Round – Win $1 by betting $1 and collect $2.
2nd Round - Win $3 by betting $2+$1 and collect $6.
3rd Round - Win $7 by betting $6+$1 and collect $14.
4th Round – Win $15 by betting $14+$1 and collect $30.
5th Round - Win $31 by betting $30+$1 and collect $62 ….. & continue in the same way.
Generally, the gamblers go up to five or six rounds. However, it depends entirely upon you as there is not limit. You can continue betting till the time you are ready to spare $1 from your own pocket for betting purpose and that would have no adverse effect in any manner.

>> How to Make $5 Bets??
If you prefer to go in for tables with the minimum wagers of $5 or above, pay heed to the following points to bag higher amounts in a quick manner:
You can start betting at the casino just with a credit of $40 in your bank account,. Begin with 8 x $5 chips, go ahead with the next $5 even bets – win or loose. In case you are unable to bag even two out of the following five rounds, shift over to the other table. However, if you are a looser on three of the five bets in a row, it is advisable to exist and quit the table.
You may engage yourself in betting @ 1 unit each time, till you are left with more than 4 chips in hand. But it is advisable to quit the table if you incur a loss of $20.

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