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Online Casino - The Journey so far

The origin of gambling can be traced back to thousands of years ago. To explore new possibilities without fear of any danger and earn something worthwhile has always been there in the basic nature of man. Gambling has been in existence since ancient times in various types like dice, the cards games, horse racing etc. Now it is available in the form of sports betting to roulette and some other gambling alternatives.

With the help of trustworthy services such as consistent payments, complete security, effective customer support, the Inter tops Casino along with gaming club & sports book produced a sensation in the world of online casinos in the middle of 90th century. It was a great achievement for the online gambling sites. The foremost online casino software was materialized by the Microgaming while the safety & security of online fiscal dealings was assured by the Cryptologic Company. “InterCasino” was the name given to the first online casino that originated in 1995.

The total number of games offered by the first online casino on 18th Aug, 1995 was 18; with an open entry to the Indian lottery at the National level. It became feasible on gamblers’ part to lay wagers from any place and at any time with the recognition of internet. The profits associated with gambling developed gradually in pace with time, with a sheer value of 1 million dollars in 1997 that went up to 3 million dollars by the year 2001. It further rose to $8.5 billion and $15 billion in 2004 and 2006 respectively with a present global numeral of $49billion.

The profits went on increasing constantly and abruptly that led to the necessity of establishing some organization that could legalize and administer this rising industry. Therefore, to provide a safe and protective atmosphere to the gamblers, an institution known as E-cogra was set up in 2003. It is widely accepted as a point of reference in the online gambling industry that controls, scrutinizes and verifies over 100 gambling sites around the world.

The Free Trade and Processing Zone Act was passed by the small land mass state of Antigua and Barbuda that allowed it to grant licenses associated with gambling to the applicants. This led to the origin of first online gambling authority in the world. Both these states have the honor of being famous and esteemed authorities till date. The Directorate of Offshore Gaming was formed under the supervision of this act. The applications from the casinos seeking licenses are collected by this organization, analyzed and licenses are endowed in case the application is appropriate. It was this law that gave a boost essential in the building up of online casinos.

Now a days, the casinos are considered to be the foremost elegant places for speculation purpose. At present, online gambling has come forward as the major flourishing industry among other industries across the globe that produces dollars worth billions in returns per annum. Around 2200 online gambling sites comprising online casino, online poker rooms and online sports betting exist on the internet. By and large, the online casinos present enhanced possibilities of winning as compared to real casinos.

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