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Top rating casinos how to decide the parameters

...03 December 2012

Casinos and specially the online casinos are at rage in todays world with people spending time, effort , bandwidth, money to enjoy the game from their home or offices or internet cafes.

The people playing in the casinos are advised to make their own homework in selecting the sites offering the maximum payout versus the reliability of the sites altogether in allowing the player to collect the money through bank transactions. Also the players have to keep in mind that the maximum payout comes with maximum risk where the people can lose money.

One has to keep in mind that the casinos dont pay from their own pockets. Its somebodys money thats getting routed and only one person is winning. So deciding on the casinos is of extreme importance to any new gambler starting his online advantures.There is several sites which shows the ratings and the payouts. There are also agencies like Nevada State gaming commission which comes with their own payouts and the ratings. Though one can rely more on the state owned rating agencies, people should be cautious of the online rating agencies. Everybody claims to be the best and most honest but one never knows the underlying contracts between the rating sites and the ranked sites that appear in ratings sites website featuring and showcasing the best of the best deals.

Generally the advising sites have come up with a table format featuring the following columns. The rank gets decided on the overall rating. The complicated calculation (though many people doubt the authenticity) , the payout percentage , the sign-up bonus , deposit match and the software they are running. Somebody changes the ratings with different star marks or other images and colors to show the same graphically. Beneath the table posting the top 10 or top 20 sites with their details and summary for the sites , they also allow feedback from the different customers to appear in their site in form of reviews. They also show the calculation method of coming to the payout percentages.

For example on all the pages of, and many other reliable directories publicizes how it calculates the payout percentage which is according to them the average return to any of the players. Average return to a player has got a industry term as RTP%. RTP can be explained as follows. If anybody plays for $100 , one will receive around $98.44 as payout if the return is given as 98.44%. The rest will be going to the house. According to many of the sites compared to the traditional land based casinos where the average payout varies from 80 to 85 percent the payout for online casinos is very lucrative. This can also be catered to the fact that land based casinos have much higher operational costs like rent for the place , machines , salaries of the employees , agents etc. which generally results in lower payouts.  The internet casinos generally do not publish the payout figures. Generally their auditors need to be contacted to get the details for the same.

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