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Swing Wagering Strategy by WorldCasinoYellowPages

Swing Wagering Strategy

...19 November 2012

Swing strategy would be loved by those gamblers believe in keeping wagers randomly but not at the same moment. This wagering system includes placing double wagers either on the six lines or single wager on the six lines and second on the even or odds. The wagering series proceeds in 1-1-1-2-2-3-4-4-5-6-8-10. This strategy proceeds in the following way:

  • First wager is placed of two units on one to six lines and second is placed on nineteen to twenty four lines.

  • If the player wins on the 6 lines from nineteen to twenty four, now he can place wagers on even or odds or on the first six lines. Though losing the wagers he will need to follow the wagering series in the new way as mentioned below:

    1. As you are keeping wagers on 7-12 lines and 25-30, six lines, suppose the ball lands in the figure 10, you hit the first six lines. Now the subsequent wager will be of one unit and it will be placed on the second 6 lines from 25 to 30 lines and the 5 units of wagers are placed in even or odd figures. Now suppose the ball lands on the figure 5, you are at loss i.e. you will lose the whole money placed in the wagers.
    2. Keep more wagers on 1 to 6 and 19 to 24 the 6 lines and place the wagers with one unit.  Now if the ball comes on zero, again you’ll be at the loss.
    3. Now you need to keep further wagers though doubling the amount of each wager from 1 to 6 and 19 to 24 wagering lines. So if you get the ball at the figure 24, you earn the money by 12 units.
    4. Here you can recur the wagering on one to six lines and placing the wagers of ten units on the lines starting from 19 to 36 numbers. At this stage if the ball hits 34, you win by 20 units.
    5. As soon as you hit the initial two bets, do return to one unit wagers on the six lines the basic wagers placed on 1 to 6 and second on 19 to 24.

The calculations said the swing strategy leads the players wagering by 300 units.

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