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Slots - The Journey So Far

...31 October 2012

The gambling machines as well as the usual commerce devices available in barber shops, stores and taverns etc in the past were known as slot machines. The earlier versions employed some sort of automatic power for rolling the reels or drums with the help of a handle outside the device that needed a strong pull. With the arm like shape of the lever, came the term One Arm. Much of the players money being grabbed through the set odds, One Arm came to be known as One Armed Bandit.

It is generally agreed that New Yorks residents Pitt and Sittman came up with the maiden automatic slot device in 1891 that comprised of fifty poker cards fixed on five drums. It was known as the Poker Slot Machine that required a coin to be put into a slit, followed by pulling of the handle resulting in rotation of the drums that exhibited a five card poker hand upon their haphazard halts. The wins were transferred manually and drinks, cigars & candies used to be distributed on the basis of the wining amount by the caretaker of the machine that had a better edge with the removal of Jack of hearts and ten of spades features.

Charles Fey of San Francisco is believed to be the father of the Slot Machine that came into existence around 1895. Named as Liberty Bell, the slot device employed a handle that was dragged resulting in spinning of the rolls which possessed five varied characters, i.e. spades, diamonds, horseshoes, hearts and lastly the Liberty Bell, instead of the earlier fifty. The number of reels was also cut down to three instead of five. The players were facilitated with the highest disbursement of three running liberty bells with the winning of ten nickels through the last symbol, i.e. Liberty Bell and thus the device was called as Liberty Bell Slots too that needed no caretaker. The unique trade check separator on the machine facilitated locating the fake slugs or nickels. Even today, you can see the very first device in its physical form in Reno, Nevada at the Liberty Belle Saloon & Restaurant. To his credit, Charles Fey has facilitated the other three products also, i.e. Klondike, Three Spinde and the Draw Power.

Liberty Belle became an eye-catching slot device and Fee could not meet the enhanced requirements of the aspirant buyers. In 1907 he shook hands with the Mills Novelty Company of Chicago under the proprietorship of Herbert Mills and started producing the new version, i.e. Mills Liberty Bell with the case, feet & toes; all  made of cast iron. The cards, i.e. Jack, King and Queen were represented through the roll strips and the winnings were announced through a ringing bell.  Today also, the jackpots are signaled through a bell that rings upon their declaration.  Mills Novelty Co. invented another new brand, i.e. Operator Bell, quite similar to Liberty Bell but contained fruit characters i.e. cherries, plums, orange and water lemon etc. Thats why the mechanism came to be known as the fruit machine too. To overcome the strict gambling laws, disbursement of winnings was made through fruit flavored gum instead of hard money at the pubs or small gambling huts that exhibited the use of skills like Nudge and Hold for playing. The later years witnessed many improvements in the machines produced by the Mills that included the Silent Bell – with lowest sound, the Doubled Jackpot – with assured double wins and conspicuous colorful Cabinet Designs like Roman Head, War Eagle, Castle Front and Lion Head.

The year 1934 witnessed Paces Races, the energetic horserace electric betting device. Electro Mechanical Slots stepped in around 1940 and the year 1950 saw the big slot machine called Big Bertha – the push buttoned 5 HP powered 6 x 10 device with twenty icons on each of the eight reels. Money Honey, the full electro mechanical slots with an unrestricted hopper introduced by Bally in 1963 facilitated usual disbursement of up to 500 coins.

The very first complete electronic make of the slot device was the 21 machine, facilitated in 1964 by Nevada Electronic; followed by different descriptions of games, e.g. for horse racing, roulette, dice and poker (famous Poker-Matic by Dale Electronics). Fortune Coin Company presented its first electronic slot machine in the year 1975 that saw a great revolution when Video Slots without any moving parts also appeared on the scene. The concluding images are determined by the RNG software through the spool that is made to spin on the electronic monitor. Fortune Coin, the maiden Video Slots was brought into limelight by Walt Fraley. With a slow speed in the beginning, the Video Slots became much popular from 1979 onwards and presently almost all the physical casinos are equipped with the Video Slots devices that are chiefly produced by WMS Gaming, IGT, Aristocrat and Bally Gaming. The main features of the modern Video Slots are the progressive jackpot disbursements and marvelous acoustic illustration exhibit.

Slots games, the easiest ones have gone a sea change after Internet was introduced in the gaming industry that has seen millions of online players clicking the mouse round the clock from various parts of the world. A massive range of real casino slots games are available over the internet. Almost all the modern online slots are equipped with the push button instead of the lever that requires a pull. Being based on software, they may be referred to as Video Slots too in their fundamental nature with the difference that players presence is not needed for enjoying online slots.

Basically, there are two types of online slots, one with three reels and the other is equipped with five reels. Untamed & fling characters with enhanced disbursement chances, additional credits through complimentary spins without any stake and progressive prizes are the unique features of Online Slots that are mainly produced by Realtime Gaming, Cryptologic, Microgaming, Top Game and Playtech. Before going in for the progressive games, check up if the max bet is mandatory on the particular machine. If so, do act accordingly as failure to do so may deprive you from your entitlement of the jackpot win even if you were lucky enough to hit the same.

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