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Poker History

...31 October 2012

As believed by many researchers, Poker dates back to the ninth century when Chinese people were delighted with the domino cards. Popular as Treasure Cards or Ganjifa in the 12th century in Egypt, it is understood by many that the name Poker has been derived from the old Spanish game known as Primero in the sixteenth century.

Poker is considered to be existent in Persia in the seventeenth century under the head As Nas. The Germans enjoyed this glamorous card game under the title Pochen whereas the French called it as poque in the 17th century and took it to the US, now New Orleans where it became popular as Poker. The famous poker writer Jonathan H. Green has revealed that the game popularly known as a cheating game on the banks of the Mississippi river around 1834 contained twenty decks and a maximum of four players could enjoy it.

The game has seen many changes since its origin. The earlier people have enjoyed its 5 Card Draw version too, followed by Stud and Omaha. Another theory refers to the nineteenth century when the French card game Brelan known as the English game Brag or Bragg with the components of betting and bluffing also became popular.  

The state-of-the-art Texas Holdem Poker became the most loved and popular brand through WSOP, i.e. the first World Series of Poker in Las Vegas at the Binnions Horseshoe Casino in the year 1970. Some historians opine that the maiden Texas Holdem Poker was played in a small town, i.e. Robstown in Texas. Perhaps, that may be reason; it is popular as Texas Holdem Poker now. Hold Me Darling variation of the game popular around the nineteenth century is also believed to the basis of its present name, i.e. Texas Holdem Poker. Yet many historians reject the above period and are also uncertain about the place where Texas Holdem Poker was actually born. People called it as Devil’s River too because of the hard drinks and brawls associated with it. The American authorities tried to ban the Texas Holdem Poker in 1920 but gave up due to strong protests in its favor. The year 2006 again witnessed the attempt of the US government to ban online poker through their UIGEA Act, followed by seizure of many large poker rooms by the FBI in the last year.

As regards the poker contests, the years 1997, 2003 and 2006 are the witnesses to the major tournaments; with Stu Ungar winning his third bracelet, Chris Moneymaker taking away the World Series of Poker Main Event with a prize of 2.5 Million and James Bond picking the Texas Holdem Poker no limit tournament at the Casino Royale respectively.

Players across the globe have been cherishing the unforgettable poker events through live programs and television. The preferred choice of millions of players, the game has crossed the US borders and is enjoyed throughout the world through its online poker games and land based poker versions. The WSOP and the World Poker Tour through ESPN & Travel Channel have contributed greatly towards expansion and development of Poker. The Online Poker Rooms have also played a major role for progress of the game that was played in the first American casino in New Orleans in 1822. Presently the online poker casinos have surpassed the land-based ones almost in all respects. Gamblers prefer to try their hands at the former that are equipped with superior set-ups at all levels.

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