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Martingale Wagering Strategy

...19 November 2012

Martingale strategy is the most famous and simplest strategy used by casino players to warn from online casinos. Though the strategy is the simplest but also the most dangerous that may tend you to lose your pocket completely. Even the losing money can be much faster if the outcomes are not as that you wished. In this article, you’ll have a detailed look on the martingale theory, its origin and how does it work?

How does Martingale work?

In the martingale strategy the player has to increase his wagers twice times when he loses. In all of the casino games, playing for five to six or even twenty times is common. Placing wagers on the red or black color or even or odd numbers but results are not favorable. Continuously increasing the wagers by doubling ultimately completely blank and win at least single chip extra when the results are in own favor.

Doubling wagers trick

This theory can be explained with an example. Suppose you are playing roulette and place wagers on red with $5, unfortunately you lose it and place the wagers again on the red but by doubling it that is now the wagers are $10. The outcomes are on black, you place the wagers again with $20 and the game moves forward whereas you are continuously losing your wagers and doubling the amount with $40, $80, $160 and more until the ball comes on the black, here you win. As soon as you win the wager, your entire lost money is covered and wining additional $5.

Benefits of following this strategy

Martingale is the best wagering technique that ensures you’ll not lose at all if you have enough amount of money to double your wagers until you hit the desired output.

However practically in casinos certain rules are employed to save them from the rich gamblers which play more with money in the Martingale. Rules like highest limit to double the wagers. In the martingale system when the player continuously loses the wagers, he doubles his wagering amount and the highest limit reaches. In this way casinos stop the players to win continually.

Loses of Martingale strategy

Choosing martingale strategy to play roulette can be risky since it can wipe you off quickly if the outcomes result in loses only and force you to place wagers with maximum amount though the risk of losing it is equal.

You may have to risk your large amount of money in the Martingale theory if you’re only based on your luck though the strategy can be helpful if it is used with other wagering strategies.

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