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...31 October 2012

A glance at the following paragraphs would enable the keno fans to be conversant with the origin & other aspects of Keno, the simplest game of chance that is associated with the numbers, number of games and amount of bets.

As the word goes, Leungs city suffered badly due to the prolonged war in the 200 BC that led to economic crisis. Chinese warlord, Cheung Leung brought in a lottery game in Han Dynasty for funding the armys requirements and paved the way for safety of the city. Other nearby localities also had access to the game that became a source of attraction for them through the carrier pigeons that apprised them of the outcomes and gave the game a new name, i.e. White Pigeon Game. Then there is the theory of Great Wall of China for which the game was utilized to generate money. The Western US tasted the game in the nineteenth century through the Chinese refugees that became the turning point for the new narration of the game.

Popular as Chinese Lottery with the shift of the Chinese disposition to digits, it gained acceptance amongst the English speaking and Chinese-American people and other parts of the globe. The game traveled from China to the US through its sailors who often visited California due to the Gold Rush. Lotteries were not permitted in the US in 1931 but as gambling was given the legal status, the relevant period and the state are witnesses to the existence of Keno, the altered name of the game. It traveled through Las Vegas and other regions of the world where the game was liked by all and sundry. The Nevada casinos facilitated the game under the name Horse Race Keno to skip the anti-lottery laws and each number was symbolized as an imagined horse. After lifting of the ban on the lottery system, the authorities started imposing levy on horse betting that resulted in change of the name once again to Keno that we come across today.  

There is the legend about keno that relates to a Chinese poem meant to learn and memorize one thousand Chinese typescripts. Zhou Xingsi, the writer has set the verse in such a way that there was no repetition of any of its one thousand characters. The game had two hundred fifty icons, later narrowed down to one hundred twenty that were divided into 15x8 segments. To be declared winner, the gambler had to deduce a complete subdivision. However, nothing is certain about this myth too.

The type of ticket purchased by you plays a major role for many aspects of the game. Variations of the game also depend much upon the type of tickets, i.e. Straight Keno Tickets, Split Keno Tickets, Combination Keno Tickets and King Keno Tickets – each with its own individual features. Then there is the Gameplay variation of the game, i.e. Casino Keno, Online Keno, Super Keno, Video Keno and Online Video Keno.

It is sensible to enjoy online keno as the web-based casinos are far better in comparison with the physical properties. Of course negligible flaws too exist with the former. Disbursements are made according to the amount of the bets. The most common are Bet $1, Bet $3 and Bet $5, the last being of the maximum value.  Physical presence is a must at the brick and mortar casinos and you have to follow the set schedules whereas it is not so at an online casino. Land-based casinos impose strict limits on the amount of the bet but Online Keno could be enjoyed with the lowest bets that too without much stake. Fiscal transactions at the online properties are processed through the secure online banking options whereas you have to carry hard cash at the land-based casinos. The physical casinos offer pleasure, amusement and excitement that can be experienced personally in the company of your counterparts whereas it is not so with the online casinos. Of course, the latter use the same RNG, playability and other features that are available at the physical properties. No doubt, online casinos are too fast, offer huge wins, lower costs and complete entertainment too.

Familiarity with certain terms like Combination, All or Nothing, Draw, Catch, Catch Zero, Brochure, Keno Counter, Keno Board, House Keno, Keno Runner, Keno Jackpot, Keno Ticket, High End Ticket, Pay Any Catch Ticket, Replayed Ticket, Quick Pick, House Edge, RNG, Pseudo-Random Number and Spot/Spots etc would go a long way to have a winning edge. Acquaintance with the type of bets, i.e. Standard Bets, Way Bets, 3x3x3, 2x3x4, 10x10x10x10 and 4x4x8 etc. also benefits the gamblers to great extent.

Few rules if followed carefully, will add much to your knowledge and prizes too. A good understanding of the keno odds and probabilities is another important aspect that needs great consideration. Higher disbursements depend upon the probabilities that must be the lowest possible and in your favor at the particular casino. Similarly, rely on the slighter goals as hitting the uppermost jackpot often results in poor keno odds. Follow a compatible keno strategy to ensure wins. Select the appropriate digits in line with the winning keno digits declared through the RNG. Pick the digits carefully and then choose the explicit ones. Go through the payout table with greatest care. It is significant that a single card could be used for manifold keno games through varied group of digits. That reduces the cost to great extent.

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